Payment Platform for Video Games and In-Game Purchases

Collect direct-to-consumer payments for your video games and in-game purchases, enjoy many of the benefits of selling on a game marketplace, and pay a fraction of the cost!

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How FastSpring Works

For nearly two decades, FastSpring has been a payment provider you can use to sell games or in-game items on your website or embedded inside your video game with fully customizable and branded checkouts just for you. Unlike traditional payment providers, FastSpring operates under a merchant of record model, which allows you to offload the complexity of global payments, sales tax and VAT compliance, player payments support, and many other aspects of payments management. Spend less time managing your payments and compliance and more time making great games!

"We have been delighted with everything about FastSpring — from the robust platform to the helpful customer service that supports our company growth goals."

Richard Grisham Director of Business Development, Com2Us (Developers of Out of the Park Baseball) Read the Case Study >

Is FastSpring the Right Choice for You?

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Why Game Studios Love FastSpring

  • Accept the top 98% of payment methods used in 185 countries across the globe in 21+ languages.
  • Instantly and automatically be sales tax, VAT, and privacy regulations compliant around the world.
  • Streamline checkout to a single click with 1ClickPay.
  • Increase payment approval rates with optimized smart-routing between multiple payment processors.
  • Customize seamless embedded or modal popup checkout experiences on your website or in game.
  • Benefit from elite fraud protection and risk management built specifically for video games.
  • Easily offer coupons, discounts, and dynamic price points for promotions.
  • Enjoy award-winning technical support, for initial integrations and ongoing maintenance.
  • Bring your own affiliate program, or use our native affiliate platform.
  • Feel secure with a vendor with over 18 years of experience running a leading payment platform for digital products.

How a Typical FastSpring Integration Works

Your development team will love offloading the complexity of global payments to FastSpring so they can stay focused on making great games. A typical FastSpring configuration entails setting up your product(s) (e.g. game, in-game items, etc.) in the FastSpring platform, choosing a checkout experience to embed on your website or in game, and using our webhooks, API, and fulfillment system to allow access to your game or in-game purchases. FastSpring’s developer-first platform enables ease of implementation and customization without the need for you to build everything from scratch using API calls alone.

Developers enjoy:

Don’t compromise for convenience. Sell your game your way with FastSpring.

FastSpring Leads in Video Game D2C Payments

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