[Webinar Recap]: 5 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Software Business in 2019

By Robirt Kong

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The digital commerce landscape is even more competitive than ever before. And the success of your software company will depend on your ability to attract the right traffic to your online store and turn these visitors into paying customers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic wand for software businesses to wave (we’ve tried looking) that will automatically fulfill both of these requirements.

So what’s the next best thing?

This past Thursday, we held a webinar in which we discussed 5 proven strategies designed to maximize the growth of your software in 2019. While this may not be a magic formula that will instantly transform your business into an overnight success, we’ve tried our best to provide some clairvoyance so you can at least get your 2019 strategic planning off to the right start.

If you missed our webinar or would like to review the 5 strategies in detail, check out the full recording below:



For your convenience, we’ve also included a SlideShare of our webinar powerpoint presentation and Q & A section:


We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar in March!

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