A Better Way to Sell Digital Courses

Collect payments for digital courses on your website, enjoy many conveniences of selling in a course marketplace, and pay a fraction of the cost!

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Focus on your course, not payments and taxes.

Unlike DIY payment platforms like Stripe that you integrate with your course website, FastSpring offers an all-in-one managed payment and subscription platform that automatically keeps your business globally compliant with sales taxes and VAT. By using FastSpring payments on your WordPress, Teachable, or custom course platform, you’ll enjoy the headache-free convenience of selling in a course marketplace, but with customizable payments and subscriptions that cost a fraction of marketplace fees.

"We use FastSpring to help us sell digital courses. Because of their platform's flexibility, we've been able to expand where and how we sell courses. That has allowed us to almost triple our monthly income in the two years we have been customers of FastSpring."
Tim Corey Owner and Lead Instructor, IAmTimCorey
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How FastSpring Compares

Course marketplaces such as Linkedin Learning and Udemy simplify selling eLearning courses by handling payments, currencies, customer support, security, and other benefits such as paying and filing sales taxes and VAT. However, those platforms often keep 30-70% of your course revenue in transaction fees.

DIY payment platforms like Stripe allow you to collect payments on your own website for a lower fee, but deep customer support is often unavailable, and it’s up to you to integrate and manage features and responsibilities such as advanced subscriptions and tax compliance.

FastSpring’s all-in-one merchant of record model means you instantly get access to sell your course in many global currencies and payment methods directly on your website, all while sales taxes and VAT are handled automatically.

Grow Your Course Business With an Experienced Partner You Can Trust

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Sell global with localized currencies and payment methods.

Expand into new global markets with ease when you automatically display popular pricing, currency, taxes, and payment methods based on your customer’s location.

The best part is that all localization is done automatically through FastSpring. Forget about manually updating geo-specific settings in your online store’s back end. All you have to do is decide where you want to sell your course, and we create a shopping experience that fits your customers no matter where they’re located.

FastSpring Popup Checkout

Create custom checkouts that showcase your brand.

By creating a consistent brand experience throughout the entire checkout process, you build trust with your customers, reduce cart abandonment, and increase average order values. With the Store Builder Library, you can easily create custom and intelligent checkout flows that are consistent with your brand and integrated with your course website.

Customize everything from digital course displays, form fields, and promotions in FastSpring’s easy-to-use interface without having to alter code or use IT or Development resources. Not only is customization simple for you and your team, but your branded checkout will create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Don’t compromise for convenience. Sell your course your way with FastSpring.

Is FastSpring a Good Choice for You?

We would love the chance to earn your business, but we understand the choice is yours. Schedule a demo with one of our integration specialists to explore all the great benefits of FastSpring.


Why Course Providers Love FastSpring

FastSpring customers enjoy all these great benefits:

  • Integrate with your existing course website (WordPress, Teachable, custom, etc.).
  • Charge via credit card, ACH, bank transfer, SEPA, and more.
  • Instantly and securely sell in up to 24 currencies.
  • Benefit from multiple payment processors for the best approval rates.
  • Have all sales tax and VAT handled automatically.
  • Have all your customers’ payment and tax support questions handled by FastSpring.
  • Sell custom one-time or subscription courses.
  • Customize courses with free trials, upsells, and more.
  • Get help from friendly, available, and knowledgeable support staff.
  • Utilize extensive Store Builder Library (JavaScript) and API options for custom integrations.
  • View intuitive and insightful reporting and analytics.
  • Sell for a fraction of the cost of selling your course on a marketplace.
  • And much, much more!