Announcing: FastSpring Improves Its API Functionality With New API Log and Subscription Plan Change History API

Braden Steel
Braden Steel • Senior Product Marketing Manager
July 5th, 2023
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New Subscription Plan Change History API Now Available to Businesses That Use FastSpring

SaaS continues to grow at a rapid clip, and more than ever, we’re used to using subscriptions for a variety of services. We’re also aware of the need to understand what we’ve historically paid for our subscriptions and the changes we’ve made to those subscriptions over time. We’re excited to announce the release of our Subscription Plan Change History API, which now gives users the ability to surface historical changes to a subscription to their buyers. This API will improve the end-user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and increase retention.

Screenshot of FastSpring subscription plan change history API.

Illustration of what an implementation of the API could look like in a user portal.

By using the Subscription Plan Change History API, businesses that use FastSpring open up a new line of sight into their customers’ accounts so they can always make the best decision for themselves. This includes tracking of changes such as:

  • Quantity change.
  • Price change.
  • Discount change.
  • Coupon change.
  • Tax exemption.
  • Upgrade.
  • Downgrade.
  • Cross-sell.

Interested in using FastSpring’s Subscription Plan Change History API? Take a look at our API documentation. For more information about how it interacts with our product, check out our product documentation.

New and Improved API Status Reporting

FastSpring extends its developer focus with the release of its new API log, which provides its users visibility into the performance of their FastSpring APIs. Now, users can quickly understand how their APIs are performing and resolve issues easier with information provided, such as latency, status, error codes, and more.

Our at-a-glance view of API statuses is just the beginning. We also surface detailed information about each API, such as request header, request body, and response header. Now if users run into an issue with slow response times and errors, we provide exact information and give them enough visibility to quickly resolve issues with an API, instead of spending their time digging up information.

Interested in trying out FastSpring’s API Log or simply checking out our platform? Sign up for a demo or check out the platform yourself.

Braden Steel

Braden Steel

Braden is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for FastSpring. When he's not bringing new products to market, he spends his time writing fantasy novels.

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