FastSpring is a powerful global digital commerce platform.

We succeed by helping our customers achieve growth and success.

FastSpring’s team of 80+ smart, talented employees is growing quickly to support thousands of new customers every year.

As a privately owned company backed by Accel-KKR, we’re able to work quickly and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way.

We invest in engineering, research, customer support, and great design.


Transcend global and social borders to help companies achieve growth and success beyond their expectations.


Power billions in transactions with innovative commerce solutions that connect people globally in one digital economy.


Empower our employees to build the leading digital commerce platform and deliver the highest level of customer success.


Put customers first.
Innovate and take intelligent risks.
Embrace integrity and transparency.
Relationships matter.
Get results.

A proud partnership: FastSpring and Accel-KKR

FastSpring is investment-backed by Accel-KKR

Board of Directors

  • Chris Lueck
    Chris Lueck CEO
  • Dean Jacobson
    Dean Jacobson
  • Tom Barnds
    Tom Barnds
  • Andy Rich
    Andy Rich
  • Gene Austin
    Gene Austin

FastSpring Leadership

  • Chris Lueck
    Chris Lueck CEO
  • Sian Wang
    Sian Wang CFO
  • Scott Herriman
    Scott Herriman SVP of Engineering
  • Sarah Bottorff
    Sarah Bottorff VP of Marketing
  • Brian Deignan
    Brian Deignan VP of Sales
  • Marina de la Torre
    Marina de la Torre VP of Customer Success
  • Brian McTeague
    Brian McTeague VP of Revenue Operations
  • Andrea Nelson
    Andrea Nelson Sr. Director of People & Culture
  • Ashutosh Chitnis
    Ashutosh Chitnis Director of Software Engineering
  • Diana Ciontea
    Diana Ciontea Director of Finance
  • Adam Cohen
    Adam Cohen Director of Pre-Sales & Onboarding
  • Rachel Hammond
    Rachel Hammond Director of Sales
  • Matt Loos
    Matt Loos Director of Product Management
  • Mardook Odisho
    Mardook Odisho Director of Customer Support
  • Christina O’Toole
    Christina O’Toole Director of Customer Marketing

Press & Media


We're proud of our robust ecommerce solution, industry-leading customer service, and amazing employees. Take a look at some of the industry awards we've earned over the years.


FastSpring serves the people and organizations in Santa Barbara that help make our city better. We love Santa Barbara and want to make sure it’s a place where creativity is rewarded and where great ideas come to life. FastSpring has invested over $50,000 back in our community since 2013 — and this is only the beginning.