Purchase Fulfillment Solutions

In addition to an incredible e-commerce platform, FastSpring also offers product fulfillment solutions, including options for email and web notifications, file downloads, license distribution, list-based registration code generators, in-app fulfillment and even physical fulfillment for CDs and DVDs.

Custom Email Notification

Our customizable email templates are easy to use and built specifically for e-commerce, designed with multi-language outputs and relevant fields for online orders (customer name, order items, item quantity, order references, and fulfillment file URLs).

Online/Web-Based Fulfillment

Cut down on email inquiries and support volume by offering customers web-based delivery options. Whether for downloadable files, license codes, or other web-based products, FastSpring helps you create an instantaneous purchase and pick-up process.

CD & DVD Fulfillment

Add more value customers’ orders by offering CD and DVD backups as part of your fulfillment process. Let FastSpring manage the fulfillment for you, or manage it internally and have FastSpring support your process. Either way, you can enrich the customer experience, and earn more revenue per order.

custom fulfillment for subscriptions

Custom Fulfillment for Subscriptions

Subscription orders need their own sets of circumstances for fulfillment. Whether by email, download, or license code delivery, FastSpring can help you customize subscription fulfillments, offering multiple scenarios to meet your needs. Apply to all orders, first order only, or rebill only.

digital rights management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) & License Key Code Generation

FastSpring has partnered with leading DRM providers that allow you to securely offer digital products while protecting your intellectual property. Our platform also supports several license key code generation products including AquaticPrime, ByteShield, CocoaFOB, GameShield, Quick License Manager (QLM), SoftwareKey System, CryptoLicensing, and SoftwareShield.

Embedded Purchasing

Reduce abandoned purchase sessions by embedding a FastSpring store right into your application or software. Gain all the features of a FastSpring web store within the framework of your existing software. Perfect for supporting new versions, upgrades, subscriptions and to cross-sell products. Capture, store and recognize generated registration codes and serial numbers, plus gain full CSS control. The embedded store also enables your download software to ’register itself‘ by passing the software back the license key upon completion of a purchase/registration.