2023 Earth Day Cleanup at FastSpring! 

Katie Stephan
Katie Stephan • Sr. Content Strategist
May 19th, 2023
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This year for Earth Day, FastSpring’s Employee Ambassador Team sponsored local cleanups all over the world! 

Meals and supplies were provided to local office teams who met up to clean up together, and remote team members cleaning up in their own areas were able to expense a meal, too.

We got to “see” a great turnout, thanks to a competition for employees to win cash for submitting photos of their cleanup efforts to our internal Slack “water cooler” channel.

The following employees (and some of their family members!) also consented to having their photos shared here, and we’d like to brag about them and their hard work on April 21, 2023. Check out their awesome photos below! 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Here are Aziz and Erol cleaning up Amsterdam, representing our local sales team in the Netherlands:

A man holds up a bag of trash with another person just in the foreground off screen holding up a second bag of trash they have collected from the ground.
A close up of a man's chest as he holds up a bag of trash with another person just in the foreground holding up a second bag of trash they have collected from the ground.

Austin, Texas, US

We love cross-team collaboration! Thanks to Holly from our investment partner, Mohan from Product, and David from Marketing for meeting up to help beautify Austin:

Three people hold up trash bags of garbage they collected from the waterway behind them.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Not to be outdone by our Austin team, the Halifax office got together to clean up Salt Marsh Trail, a former railway turned into a walking trail that comprises a 9km section of Canada’s Great Trail. 

Thanks to Nataliia from Product, Igor and Viktor from Payment Operations, and Adam from Product for submitting some great photos of their cleanup trip, where they covered both sides of a long causeway and picked up glass, styrofoam, wrappers, and even a pair of shoes!

Four people in the woods are looking at the camera with one holding a bag of collected trash
A man holds a bag of trash and a pair of shoes he picked up while cleaning up a park.
A person is crouched on a rock on the shore of a waterway using a stick to retrieve a piece of trash.
A bag of trash sits next to a tree whole a person crouches to pick up more trash.
A bucket full of collected trash and broken glass bottles.
A long view of a waterway.

Los Angeles, California, US

Working remotely didn’t stop Ben from People & Culture from getting out to help clean up LA — looks like he accomplished a lot even on his own!

A man smiles at the camera while holding up a bag of trash in front of a row of tall arbovitae trees.

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Big thanks to Beth from the FastSpring Employee Ambassador Team for helping coordinate this year’s contest — and even bigger thanks to her grandson for helping her clean up a local sports complex near their home outside Atlanta. She said they’re never too young to learn about preserving our natural resources. 

A small child holds a bag of trash in a field and is waving at the camera.

Santa Barbara, California, US

Vijayan cleaned up his neighborhood in nearby Goleta outside Santa Barbara, too: 

A man holds a bag of trash whole someone out of frame drops trash into it.
A man is bending over to put trash into a trash bag.
A close up image of a man smiling at the camera while holding up a bag of trash.

Near our headquarters in Santa Barbara, Keslie from Sales, John from Engineering, and Sudipto and Lisi from Product met up on Leadbetter Beach to collect trash, followed up by beachfront tacos. 

Four people smile at the camera while holding trash bags on a beach.
Four people on a beach hold up black trash bags and smile at the camera with palm trees behind them.
A landscape photo of a beach with many people in the distance at the water.
Four people having a picnic on the beach.
Four people having a picnic with palm trees and buildings behind them.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Earth Day 2023 cleanup projects, and please continue to help us keep our communities clean year round! 🌍

Want to learn more about FastSpring? Visit our About page for more info on our values, and check out our Careers page for more great team photos.

Katie Stephan

Katie Stephan

Katie Stephan is the Senior Content Strategist at FastSpring. Besides her extensive marketing experience, she has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing and has served her local communities as a college writing instructor.

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