FastSpring Release Notes: October 2020

Caitie Gonzalez
Caitie Gonzalez
October 21st, 2020
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Check out the latest features and improvements for the FastSpring app!

New or Improved

  • Upgraded Tax Service: Our improved tax service is now live. FastSpring is committed to ensuring sellers are fully compliant with tax rules around the globe, and our upgraded tax engine supports thousands of product tax categories at more granular geographic levels to provide buyers around the globe with accurate sales tax and VAT. Sellers are able to update their product tax categories directly in the App or SpringBoard. More information can be found here.
  • Google Analytics Integration: We have upgraded our Google Analytics integration to support the latest version of Google Analytics tracking code, gtag.js.
  • MailChimp Integration: We have updated our MailChimp integration using MailChimp’s newest API. This new integration enables sellers to implement seamless cart abandonment retargeting campaigns and much more.
  • Invoice Issue Date: To improve the buyer experience, invoices will now include the original order date as “Issued: [date]” under the order ID in the top left corner.
  • In-App Popup Checkout: To better support in-app implementations of the Popup Storefront, we have added a storefront setting to allow checkout links (such as privacy policy, Norton logo, etc) to open in overlays in the same viewport instead of new browser windows.
  • Taiwan e-Invoicing Compliance: FastSpring is now compliant with the Taiwan Ministry of Finance (MoF) eGUI and e-invoicing requirements. Taiwan-based buyers will now see a unique eGUI number on their FastSpring invoice and will receive a corresponding e-Invoice from our partner, ezReceipt.
  • PayPal and Amazon Checkout Flow: We will now collect first name, last name, and email from the buyer before they are redirected to Paypal or Amazon for payment completion. This enables us to assess the buyer for risk/fraud before attempting to collect payment.


  • When creating a new custom order with buyer address information, the “State” field was not persisting after saving. This has been corrected.
  • Changes made to a subscription product’s Notification and Cancellation settings will now correctly apply to all existing subscriptions when the option to “Apply overdue notification change to active subscriptions” is checked.
  • Fixed an issue that caused subscription prorations to result in an incorrect charge.
    after a buyer updated their payment method as a result of a failed previous charge.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some subscriptions to be created with a null accountID.
  • For buyers paying with iDeal, our system would sometimes collect funds but fail to complete the order, resulting in the order getting stuck in the “pending payment” state. This issue has now been fixed
  • For orders with volume discounts, the total price was not displaying the discount correctly. This has been fixed and now the correct prices are displayed.
  • Some non-USD orders were being treated as gross orders when they should have been net. This affected seller payouts because the incorrect tax was collected. This issue has been fixed and orders now reflect the correct style of taxes.
  • Taxes for some subscriptions with add-ons or a discount were negative. This issue has been fixed and taxes are no longer calculating to a negative number in these cases.
  • When trying to copy a custom order for some orders, the customer would experience an error where the custom order page would never finish loading. The issue has been fixed and the page now correctly loads.

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