fsBuilds: Offload Payment Processing to FastSpring While Still Using An Existing Application for Distributing Software (Video)

Topher DeRosia
Topher DeRosia • CEO, MediaForge Productions
November 22nd, 2023
Estimated read time: 1 minute, 15 seconds

There are an infinite number of ways you can integrate FastSpring into your applications and systems in order to offload complexity and help drive success for your SaaS, software, video game, or digital product business.

To help you understand exactly how FastSpring enables developers with specific types of builds, FastSpring has launched our new “fsBuilds” content series featuring developer-built content showing detailed steps, code examples, and advice on how each developer approached a specific build.

While not every piece of content in the series will include elements of your specific tech stack, we encourage you to check out the example build use-cases you find interesting. These builds will give you  an idea of the basic principles needed to generate your own ideas of how to leverage FastSpring. Of course, our support and sales engineering specialists are also able to help if you need assistance.

Offloading Payments While Retaining Software Distribution

For our first example build in this series, we’re featuring a build by Topher DeRosia of Media Forge showing how to integrate FastSpring checkout into WooCommerce using FastSpring’s Store Builder Library. This build shows you an example of how to use Woo for content management and software distribution and FastSpring to offload the checkout process.

Topher also shows some handy tips for pushing data from Woo to FastSpring in order to make the checkout process faster and higher-converting. Additionally, Topher shares tips for optimizing your checkout for promotions like during cyber weekend. We hope you enjoy this FastSpring Example Build!

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