Introducing the New Consumer Support Portal

Jay Hall
Jay Hall
February 5th, 2020
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One of the core values at FastSpring is: We succeed when our customers succeed. This is more than just words, it shapes the way we make decisions and operate as a business.

To that end, not only do we provide award-winning customer service to our seller community, but we also devote resources to support the consumers that purchase the digital products and goods that our sellers offer. Our dedication to the success of our sellers and their customers has motivated us to continually seek excellence in our support offerings.

As part of our continual effort to deliver the best support experience in the industry, I am happy to introduce the new Consumer Support Portal.

What is the Consumer Support Portal?

This easy-to-use portal allows consumers who purchased digital products from one of our sellers to submit support tickets for all purchase-related inquiries. This new process makes it possible for our team to respond to the customers of our sellers faster and more efficiently.

How does it work?

Previously, consumers would send an email informing us of their request. As we grew, we realized this process wasn’t providing an efficient experience for the consumer or our support team. So by providing this new portal, we streamlined the process for your customers to submit their inquiry which allows us to reduce the time it takes to resolve their inquiry.

The portal is only intended for purchase-related inquiries, and there are no login credentials required.

Each category on this portal corresponds to a form and each form has specific fields that are required in order for our support team to maximize efficiency and reduce the number of consumer-to-agent correspondences, effectively reducing the time to resolution on each of these cases. One thing to note, the fields on all forms with a second page are not required to submit your inquiry. If any of your customers do not have the order ID, these additional fields will assist our agents in locating the order.

How to Submit a ticket on behalf of your customer.

As a FastSpring seller, you can submit a purchase-related ticket directly or on behalf of your customer. You can reach the new consumer support portal by visiting it directly at

Once you’re on the portal, select the category that best fits your inquiry. Then scroll down below the FAQs on the page and click the “Contact Support” button. The form will appear to submit your inquiry. Fill out the form fields, and then click submit. Our support team will review the inquiry and follow up directly.

If you are submitting the inquiry on behalf of your consumer, you can enter their email address in the “Your email address” field. If you would like to be copied on this inquiry you can enter your email address in the “Notify an additional email address” field. This will notify both parties when an update has occurred.

What has changed?

Most of our sellers may recognize the email alias, This email address used to serve as the main touchpoint for consumers to get in touch with the FastSpring support team. As of January 6th, FastSpring removed the email alias from all FastSpring-hosted invoices, purchase orders, and support documentation and replaced it with the new Consumer Support Portal URL All consumer-related support tickets must be redirected to

What do I need to do as a FastSpring seller?

To ensure there are no disruptions to the consumer support experience, we recommend all FastSpring sellers review and update all web pages, customer notification emails, and other consumer-facing documentation.

We appreciate the hard work and patience of our entire seller community. Their continued support makes innovations like the Consumer Support Portal possible.

Jay Hall

Jay Hall

As Senior Manager of Customer Experience, Jay Hall is focused on driving programs that assist our customers throughout their whole experience with FastSpring. Jay has worked with customers all over the world to help them increase their conversion rates and successfully sell globally. Jay has spent the last decade developing successful programs to enhance the customer experience at enterprise companies like Citrix and outside of the office, you can find Jay spending time with his partner Ben, traveling, and taking care of his beehives.

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