Why Your SaaS Business Needs a “Buy Now” Option

Brian Deignan
Brian Deignan
August 11th, 2017
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There’s a reason Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and Facebook rely on “buy now” buttons: they work. In fact, Facebook dedicates an entire seller page to the power of the Facebook Buy Button, calling it the “path of least resistance” for new customers and the best way to improve a seller’s revenue.

Does your SaaS business have a low sales conversion rate? Objectively, your software is great, but you’re noticing that something is causing buyers to hesitate. If you’re having trouble turning curiosity into dollars – or just need to do it at a much higher rate – consider adding a “buy now” option.

Frictionless Feel

Your site should already have all the basics including: descriptionspricing options, a demo, a contact us link. However, without a buy button, potential customers may be frustrated by a lack of a spot to convert. If every page on your site has a buy button, users have a frictionless way to move from the consideration to the purchasing stage.

The Show-Your-Boss Strategy

Scalability is another key reason to add a buy button. Sure, you can sell your software to small companies and individuals, but you want to be scaling the size of your customers as you grow your business. The only way to sell your software to bigger businesses is convincing the decision maker. As the decision maker might not be the person browsing your site, you need to give a visitor a low-risk way to show the decision maker a trial version or inexpensive first purchase. The buy button allows them to quickly jump from investigating to buying, so the big boss can see proof of concept. These low-risk first purchases can lead to long-term, high-value client relationships.

The Power of NOW

Remember when web page loading was painfully slow? It made the internet a hassle to use. Today, the common stat is that people will leave a page if it doesn’t load within three seconds. Instant gratification is now the rule of the day— consumers are used to everything happening quickly and efficiently.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos predicted this behavior when he patented one-click buying in 1997. When users are ready to buy, they want an obvious next step and they want to wrap up the whole process quickly. At this crucial point, your buy button needs to be within clicking distance.

When it’s not, your software company is leaving money on the table. About $4 trillion worth of purchases languished in online shopping carts last year. That’s why Wired.com calls the buy button “the most important icon on the internet.” It creates an instant click point rather than relying on customers to wind their way through the cart/checkout process.

FastSpring makes it quick and easy to add a buy button to your site. After it’s added, it works like a round-the-clock salesperson, drawing attention and closing deals. The result is an improved software sales conversion rate and increased revenue for your SaaS company.

Ready to boost sales with a buy button? Click here to reach out to FastSpring and add it to your site, or sign up for a demo to see it in action.

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