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FastSpring is an authorized reseller of software, digital products, and services for thousands of global companies.

"FSPRG" on your financial statement is short for FastSpring and indicates a charge from a company that uses FastSpring.

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Billing and Refunds

Unexpected Charge

Charged After Order Declined

If your order is declined, any charge on your account is likely a small and temporary pre-authorization that will automatically clear from your statement. Re-check your statement after several business days.

Additional charge on statement beyond order amount

There are several reasons for unexpected charges:

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Wire Payments

Bank details for wire transfer

Wire instructions and bank account information is customized for each buyer to minimize exchange and wire handling costs.

Place an order online and choose Wire Transfer to receive the banking information for the order. These details are not provided in advance of an actual order.

Incomplete or Incorrect Wire Payment

Some bank wire transfers can take 3-5 business days to process.

Request a wire trace:

  1. Wait at least 3 business days after you initiated payment.

  2. Locate an official bank document or receipt that meets proof of payment requirements.
    Traditional wire: name of account holder, exact amount debited from account holder, description of remitted funds, date the amount was debited from account, account name and number of beneficiaries
    Non-traditional wire (Alipay, Sofort, iDEAL, or Giropay): receipt must include the payment reference

  3. Contact FastSpring Consumer Support and attach proof of payment.

A wire trace can take 1-3 business days to complete.

Refund Instructions

 FastSpring is not authorized to issue refunds. We can only forward your request and it will take longer than if you contact the company you purchased from directly.

  1. Find contact info for the company you purchased from:
    – On the website where you purchased
    – In your email receipt
    – On your invoice listed under Product Support


  2. Contact that company directly to request a refund

  3. If you already requested a refund and did not get a response within 2 business days, contact FastSpring Consumer Support

Edit Billing or Cancel Subscription

  1. In your receipt or subscription activation notification email, click the link to Manage Your Orders.

  2. Follow the instructions to access your Account Management page.

  3. On your Account Management page, click the Subscriptions tab and use the Manage options to update payment method or cancel subscription.


If you cancel your auto-renewal plan, your subscription will cancel and deactivate at your next scheduled payment date.

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Update Invoice

Contact Support and include Order ID, Purchase Date, Order Total, and the specific text you would like changed.

Optionally, include an attachment to show an example of your preferred changes.

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