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FastSpring is an authorized reseller of software, digital products, and services for thousands of global companies.

"FSPRG" on your financial statement is short for FastSpring and indicates a charge from a company that uses FastSpring.

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Checkout and Purchasing

Set up FastSpring as a Supplier

To set FastSpring up as a supplier refer to the FastSpring Vendor Onboarding Fact Sheet  for commonly needed information.

Additionally, most commonly requested documents can be accessed via the Public tab in the FastSpring Trust Center.

If you need more information, contact FastSpring Consumer Support and include your pending order number and a link to the store you intend to purchase from.

Purchase Orders

FastSpring supports the option to accept Purchase Orders from organizations that need an invoice to complete payment. Purchase orders are not available for subscriptions with automatic renewals or gift purchases.

Each FastSpring Seller sets their own policy regarding purchase orders. For any purchase order questions, contact the Seller company from which you wish to purchase.

Purchase via Purchase Order:

  1. During checkout, select the Purchase Order payment option.

    1. If you do not see a Purchase Order option, contact the Seller company.

  2. After you complete checkout with your information, you will receive a payment link and invoice.

  3. Your order will be fulfilled after you submit payment.

Purchase order transactions in US Dollars in the United States can make payment by mailing a physical check or money order sent to the address included in payment instructions.

Payment Declined

A charge may be declined due to invalid credit card information, a restriction on the account due to suspicious activity, or insufficient funds.

Credit Card Errors

PayPal Errors

Amazon Pay Errors

Still need help?

Contact FastSpring Consumer Support

Price Quotes or Coupons

Sales quotes

As a Merchant of Record, FastSpring does not have the ability to provide custom sales quotes on behalf of our selling partners. Please direct any sales quote requests to the sales contact found on the website from which you are interested in purchasing the product.

Coupon Codes

FastSpring is not aware of any promotional campaigns related to the use of the product you are inquiring about. Please direct any discount-related questions to the support contact found on the website in which you purchased the product.

Hidden Terms and Conditions Checkbox

Browser issues can hide the required checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.


  1. Clear your browser cache and try again with a new browser session.

  2. Disable browser plugins related to spam or ad blockers.

  3. Try the purchase using a different web browser.

  4. Try the purchase from a different computer.