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FastSpring is an authorized reseller of software, digital products, and services for thousands of global companies.

"FSPRG" on your financial statement is short for FastSpring and indicates a charge from a company that uses FastSpring.

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Licenses and Downloads

Missing receipt or instructions

If you did not receive a receipt or instructions to get your product:

  1. Search your Spam or Junk folder for an email from

  2. Add to your contacts or list of safe senders in your email provider to ensure that messages reach your inbox.

  3. If you still need help, contact FastSpring Consumer Support.

Help with a product

FastSpring processes the transactions for each Seller company using the FastSpring platform and we cannot help with questions related to the use of the product you purchased.

For product related questions, directly contact the company you purchased from.

License Key or Download Issues

If your download link is not working or you need a license key:

  1. Locate your FastSpring Order ID, Date of Purchase, Order Total, the name of the product, the Seller company you purchased from, and screenshots displaying any error messages.

  2. Contact FastSpring Consumer Support and include all requested information.

Account Management

Use Account Management to access your orders, manage active subscriptions, or update a payment method.

Access Account Management:

  1. Open your receipt email.

  2. Click Manage Your Orders.

  3. Enter your email address and click Continue.

  4. Check your email for a new message.

  5. Click the link to manage your orders.