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Migrating your Subscriptions


How FastSpring imports and exports your existing customer information when you decide to switch payment processors. 

As a PCI-compliant Merchant of Record (MoR), FastSpring securely migrates customer information into and out of our platform, provided the other payment processor is also PCI-compliant. This process ensures that your customers' payment information is protected from theft and fraud, and that you do not lose subscribers in the transition. 

To migrate customer information, FastSpring initiates contact with the applicable payment processors, verifying their PCI Compliance. After it is confirmed, the current provider tokenizes the information to securely send it to the new provider. This process varies slightly, depending on whether you are importing or exporting your subscriptions. Regardless, FastSpring ensures that the migrated information is completely protected; at no point in the process does FastSpring or any payment processor have access to your customers’ private information.


Importing Subscriptions

If you are interested in importing your existing subscriptions to your FastSpring Store, we require that you fully configure the applicable subscriptions in your Store prior to importing them. Otherwise, we will not be able to resume billing until they are configured. See Create and Edit a Subscription for more information.

When you are ready to import subscriptions to your FastSpring Store, please send an email to containing the required information outlined in the Subscription Import Form below. To import subscription information, FastSpring will request the following information from your payment processors:

  • Subscription purchased: This includes all of the information outlined in the Subscription Import Form, and the applicable formatting. 
  • Payment Information: A subscription reference ID and payment information. 

FastSpring’s Procedure:

  1. FastSpring connects with you to get in contact with your current payment processor. 
  2. We request 1 subscription file from you, and 1 payment file from your current processor, each housing active subscriber information. We will use this information to activate your existing subscribers in your FastSpring Store.
  3. After all subscribers and their payment information is imported, we provide you with a formal summary outlining the successful imports, and any unsuccessful ones (if applicable). 

Connecting your Payment Processor to Ours:

In order to put our payment processors in contact, FastSpring adheres to the following steps:

  1. We ensure PCI Compliance from both processors and sign the documentation confirming it. 
  2. Payment providers independently communicate the information necessary to migrate subscription information to FastSpring. 
  3. After everything is confirmed, we request your payment processor to securely send us the tokenized subscription information. In order to effectively process existing subscriptions, we must receive these in the format outlined in the Subscription Import Form. 

When your Store is ready to import subscriptions, email with the information from the Subscription Import Form below.

It is essential that you follow the CSV file format below; otherwise we cannot process the information.

Subscription Import Form

In order to import your subscriptions, we request the following information from you. Please follow the formatting in the Type field accurately in order to successfully import your subscriptions as quickly as possible.

We require that you provide all of the required information in a CSV file; otherwise, we cannot import your customer information.
referenceIdstringThe Reference ID of the subscription in the seller’s previous subscription. This is used to map the payment token to the subscription.Yes
firststringBuyer’s first nameYes
laststringBuyer’s last nameYes
emailstringBuyer's email addressYes
language2-digit ISO valid country codeAccount languageYes
country2-digit ISO valid country codeBuyer's  countryYes
regionstringBuyer’s state or territory (required for US; optional for others)Yes
postalCodestringBuyer’s zip code (required for US addresses)Yes
livestringLive for test subscriptionsYes
productPathstringProduct path of the active subscriptionYes
quantityinteger / numberQuantity; this will be used to calculate total rebill priceYes
currencystringConfigured currency of the pricingYes
listPricenumberList price; this will be used to calculate the total rebill priceYes
intervalday/week/month/year/adhocCharging period amount; adhoc subscriptions will require the charge to be triggered on-demand instead of being charged on a system-regulated scheduleYes
intervalLengthinteger / numberLength of the charging period unitYes
nextChargeDatedate(yyyy-mm-dd)The date that the subscription should be charged. If this is not provided, it is on-demand.Yes
endDatedate(yyyy-mm-dd)The final day that the subscription is considered active. Yes
companystringBuyer’s companyNo
phonestringBuyer’s phone numberNo
addressLine1stringBuyer’s street addressNo
addressLine2stringBuyer’s street addressNo
citystringBuyer’s cityNo
discountTypepercent / amountType of discount stored in the subscriptionNo
discountValueinteger / numberThe percent or amount off depending on the type of subscription specifiedNo
discountDurationinteger / numberNumber of times the discount should be applied. Null if indefiniteNo
discountCodestringCode of the coupon to be applied to this subscriptionNo
beginDatedate(yyyy-mm-dd)The date that the subscription started. If you do not include this, FastSpring will use the date that it was created in your FastSpring StoreNo
trialEndDatedate(yyyy-mm-dd)The date that the trial period ends for this subscription No
intervalCountintegerThe remaining number of rebills the subscription should receive. If provided, the end date will be calculated based on this and the end charge date.No
taxExemptionDatastringTax Exemption ID if the subscriber is tax exempt. In Gross pricing, this will result in the tax being removed from the totalNo
manualRenewbooleanOnly pass True when the subscriber does not wish to pass payment details. Otherwise, leave empty or Null. No

Best Practices for a Successful Import:

  • All products that you wish to import should already be fully configured in your FastSpring Store before you start the import process. 
  • Remember that the referenceID is the field used to match the files you submit. Imported subscription data will be merged with your FastSpring subscriptions using this field. 
  • The number of subscriptions being passed to FastSpring should match the number of subscriptions being passed from your payment provider to FastSpring. There should also be a correspondingly similar amount of encrypted PAN information. 
  • Provide tax exemption data whenever possible to avoid unnecessary tax charges to exempt buyers. 
  • Do not import subscriptions with credit cards that are known to be invalid. 
  • Deactivate the rebilling process, and double-check the subscription charge and end dates with your previous provider in order to avoid double billing errors. 
  • Inform your subscribers of the migration in advance to avoid chargebacks, cancellations, or returns; FastSpring does not send these notifications to subscribers. 

Exporting Subscriptions

In order to export subscriptions and payment information, FastSpring will need the following resources from you:

  • Contact information of the other payment processor
  • Compliance documentation, identifying the PCI Level and Attestation of Compliance from the new payment provider
  • Expected date of migration
  • Applicable Store Name 

When you are ready to export, please send this information and documentation to Then, we will follow the procedure outlined below:

FastSpring’s Procedure:

  1. After we have received all necessary information from you, we create a subscription file for you to give your new service provider. This does not have any file formatting requirements. 
  2. We send a request to the applicable payment processor in order to exchange PCI Compliance information. 
  3. After we confirm that both processors are PCI compliant, we send over the customer subscription information in an encrypted CSV file. 

After the subscriptions are successfully migrated, we request that you set a cancellation date on the exported subscriptions. This ensures that they are not rebilled from the FastSpring system on future rebill dates. You can safely deactivate the subscriptions by making an API call to the /subscriptions endpoint or through the FastSpring App. Then, you can deactivate your account.