FastSpring Subscription Export Process

January 14th, 2022
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  • FastSpring Payments/Product Team
  • CSM and Support


  • Customer/Seller
  • New Vendor
  • Current Payment Processors(Cards only)


When a client churns or wants to migrate their active subscriber from FastSpring to a New Vendor, we have to export their subscription data that is stored in our system and hand over the token to the New Vendor. This process usually takes 10 weeks.


Migrating active subscriber/subscription data from the FastSpring system and handing over the existing tokens via our existing Payment Processors to the New Vendor. Once the data is migrated, the Seller is responsible for subscription deactivation on the FastSpring System to avoid any stray rebills and hence customer complaints.  


  • Handing over active subscriber information to Seller.
  • Coordinating with our current Payment Processor and the Seller’s New Vendor for payment token migration.
  • Migrating only Credit Card tokens; due to compliance and regulations, we cannot migrate PayPal tokens.


Subscription migration involves the following five steps:

  1. FastSpring will provide active subscribers and subscription lists, based on payment method type and Processors.
  2. FastSpring will provide a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) to the processor, indicating the token export to the New Vendor; LOI varies from Processor to Processor.
  3. FastSpring will connect the Seller, New Vendor, and current Payment Processor for token migration.

2.a. Current FastSpring Processor will verify the AOC and other PCI related information of the New Vendor. 

2.b. After PCI verification Processor, we will provide New Vendor with appropriate information on next steps in migration and timelines, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Processor specific transport protocol to send and receive token files. This step might also involve sharing PGP keys (Public).
  • Schema of the file that the vendor should expect and appropriate mapping (FastSpring will provide the key/attribute for the tokens).
  • Processor specific steps to encrypt and decrypt the information.
  1. Tokens will be handed over to the New Vendor by the current Processor.
  2. Seller will deactivate the active subscription on FastSpring system to avoid double charges.


  • New Vendor is PCI compliant.
  • If receiving PAN numbers, additional security steps as mandated by the Processor needs to be followed.
  • Store from where the subscription needs to be migrated.
  • Expected date of migration and last charge.
  • It is expected that Seller is aware of the subscription lifecycle on the FastSpring system and can deactivate the subscription on the FastSpring system, either through or by making an API call to “/subscriptions” endpoint [Cancel Subscription Instances].


  1. FastSpring:
  • Connect Sellers and New Vendors to current Processors.
  • Provide Letter of Intent to each Processor.
  • Share details of the active subscribers, broken down by Processor.
  • Share the rebill reference, which will act as an identifier to map the tokens.
  1. Seller:
  • Provide New Vendor contacts and furnish appropriate compliance documentation. 
  • Set Cancellation/Deactivation date on the subscriptions they wish to migrate off of the FastSpring System.
  1. Current Processor:
  • Connect with New Vendor and confirming compliance requirements.
  • Receive Letter of Intent and prepare for releasing tokens to New Vendor.
  • Coordinate with New Vendor for data transfer and provide schema to the New Vendor.
  1. New Vendor:
  • Connect with current Processor.
  • Furnish all compliance documents as asked by the current Processor.
  • Receive schema information from Processor and rebill reference (Identifier) from FastSpring.
  • Share sample data received from each Processor with FastSpring to ensure appropriate data mapping.  


  • Data security: New Vendor and Seller are responsible for all data security once it leaves FastSpring system; Seller should ensure that end customers’ data is handled with appropriate security. 
  • Rebills: Seller must ensure subscriptions are deactivated before they are charged again by the New Vendor, to avoid double re-bill.

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