Frequently Asked Questions from FastSpring Buyers

Our ecommerce platform powers checkouts and web storefronts for companies around the globe. We sometimes field questions from online shoppers who are browsing FastSpring-enabled web storefronts – below are some answers to some of the more popular questions.

Buying From FastSpring-Enabled Stores

While purchasing, I received an error message indicating that I must accept the terms and conditions to continue, but I cannot see a check box to accept them.
I am having trouble downloading a product I purchased.
I lost my Serial Number / License Key.
My order was declined but I was still charged.
I’d like to request a tax refund or a VAT refund.
I need an invoice updated or changed.
I want to edit or cancel a subscription.
I’d like to request a refund for a product I purchased.
I need help with a product I purchased.