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What is FastSpring IQ?

Is it a CPQ?

FastSpring IQ (Interactive Quotes) is an interactive quoting tool. It’s considered an alternative to CPQs as they solve very similar problems in different ways.

Both solutions help ensure that pricing is consistent among sales reps and that sales reps are working as efficiently as possible.


So, what’s the difference?

Why IQ?

IQ can give you everything you need from a CPQ and more,
without the difficult implementation and maintenance.

Shorter Sales Cycle

IQ provides you with all the tools you need to sell faster: configurable quotes, variable pricing, CRM integrations, eSignatures, payments, and more.

Streamline Quote Creation

No need to create quotes from scratch each time. Leverage existing templates and easily customize personalized quotes. 

Pricing Compliance

IQ has a designated approval workflow to keep your sales reps, managers, and RevOps teams aligned. 

Interactive Quotes Integrations

How does IQ fit in with current Sales Tech Stack?

IQ was designed to help sales reps sell faster — so we made it easy to integrate with common sales tech tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Drift. Don’t worry, we plan to add more soon. 

Why Customers Love IQ

“With IQ, we’re seeing much faster deal cycles and a much faster ability to actually build and generate Quotes. (…) Prospects tell us all the time that IQ is the best sales experience they’ve had.”


See IQ in Action

Play with our Interactive Pricing Elements with a Sample Quote!

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Give IQ a try before you go down the road of implementing a CPQ.

It can take months before you even get to implement a CPQ. With IQ, you can get started creating quotes right away for free. Feel free to use IQ as much as you want.

We do have paid plans for larger teams, but it’s free for up to 2 users.
See pricing and inclusions here.

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