How To Instantly Improve Your Subscription Management

Russ Scheidegger
Russ Scheidegger
May 26th, 2017
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Recurring revenue is an effective way to both boost profits and scale your company while operating on a dynamic business model. However, many companies who operate a recurring revenue-based product or service often find it challenging to manage subscriptions.

It is possible to instantly improve subscription management, allowing you to spend less time managing tedious tasks. It all comes down to one word: automation.

Challenges of Subscription Management

Before jumping straight into how automation will enhance subscription management, it’s important to gain a better understanding of the challenges of recurring revenue and the changes it will bring.

The main challenge of managing a recurring revenue model is the difficulty of handling the large volume of invoicing and preventing consequent billing errors. With a substantial amount of subscribers and documents comes a hefty load of information to organize on a daily basis.

Many find tracking, analyzing, and predicting trends in revenue when working with an inefficient method of subscription management to be an additional challenge. This issue can greatly impact a business in every aspect, from compiling accurate profit metrics to establishing an effective marketing strategy, and everything in between.

From Big Print to Small Startups

Just a decade ago, subscription-based businesses were rare. They were unusual business models reserved for the likes of major magazines and large companies who could afford the extra manpower and labor costs it took to manage a subscription-based service.

In today’s world of tech, however, subscription-based businesses are common. Several businesses, from small start-ups to large SaaS companies, not only utilize recurring revenue-based business models but thrive with them—and it’s all thanks to automation.

How Automation Changes Everything

Automation not only addresses several challenges of subscription management, but helps eliminate them altogether. For example, invoicing processes are time consuming, taking hours (or even days) to complete for a startup that is still getting its bearings, or a major Fortune 500 company.

When invoicing processes are automated, there is an instant benefit of drastically reduced costs, as well as an exponential gain in productive time that would otherwise be lost. Both the extra time and money can be poured right back into the business to help it grow and scale accordingly.

When it comes to analyzing revenue, having a digitally automated management platform enhances the way a company keeps track of all data. This brings new ways to not only analyze the data but to accurately track and make predictions from the wealth of information these platforms provide.

These predictions impact the accuracy of a company’s future outlook and help to establish an effective marketing strategy based on real data and metrics, not to mention outline areas where revenue can be increased, leading to higher success.

Bring Automation to Your Subscription Management Toolkit

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