Introducing Growth Stage: A New Podcast From FastSpring

EJ Brown
EJ Brown
February 9th, 2023
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FastSpring is proud to announce the launch of Growth Stage: a new podcast offering conversations with a diverse group of SaaS leaders from around the world. 

You’ll hear stories from bootstrapped and VC-funded founders, C-suite executives, and developers that will inspire new growth strategies in your own business.

This podcast is for any SaaS professional looking for growth insights: from marketers to developers to executives and founders. Our goal is to make this podcast more globally diverse and more technical than other SaaS-related podcasts you’ll find.

Our First Three Episodes

1. Is CRO Different for SaaS? Interview with Fred Linfjard

Is conversion rate optimization for SaaS different than traditional A/B testing for ecommerce? 

In traditional ecommerce, CRO is all about getting people to click the “buy” button. But for subscription-based software companies, that’s just the beginning.

We sat down with growth expert (and current director of growth at Planday) Frederic Linfjärd to learn more.

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2. How Fred Linfjard Reduced a SaaS Company’s Churn Rate by 50%

We followed up our CRO conversation with Fred with another interview about churn. Specifically, how Fred slashed it by 50% in a previous growth role at a software company.

In our conversation, he lays out the components of a churn reduction engine: how to automate learning why your customers are churning, how to win them back, and more.

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3. Stagflation-Proof Pricing Strategies for SaaS & Software with Kurt Smith

It’s hard enough to guide a company through a period of heavy inflation or during a recession. But it becomes much more difficult when they’re occurring at the same time. This is stagflation — and economists are predicting a period of stagflation to last into 2024.

We interviewed our former Chief Product Officer Kurt Smith about pricing strategies that work during volatile markets.

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Interested In Being a Guest?

If you’re interested in being a guest, email us at with an introduction and one or two topics you’d like to suggest.

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