9 SaaS Sales Questions to Help You Sell Remotely

Anna Mroczkowski
Anna Mroczkowski
December 8th, 2020
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The needs of today’s SaaS buyers are increasingly complex, which makes asking the right SaaS sales questions to get the deal to close a challenge for sales reps. Selling SaaS already comes with a steady stream of challenges – like getting ghosted by prospects and never-ending Zoom fatigue. 

But when your prospect is moving in the right direction, your SaaS sales questions need to be sharp to get the deal accelerated to close. It’s critical to evolve your SaaS sales questions list to match the ever-changing needs of your customers. Here’s our list of the 9 SaaS Sales Questions that will save you time and get you to close faster.

Advice from Our SaaS Sales Expert, Taylor Bond:

“Selling SaaS is no easy task, it takes a lot of research and prep-work to understand your buyer’s needs and wants. Whenever I hop on a phone call or Zoom, I want to go in with open-ended questions that will give me insight into what the prospect is looking for and how I can help them. I use these ten SaaS sales questions and have noticed I have seen a huge increase in engagement and interest with my prospects”

— Taylor Bond, Head of Growth at SalesRight

(Make sure to read all the questions, we saved the best for last!)

SaaS Sales Questions

1. What is the number one thing you want to get out of this call?

This should always be one of your first questions. The important detail of our phrasing? Asking them to nail down their top priority for your conversation. That way, you immediately identify the best use of your limited time. 

2. I’d like to start by hearing your understanding of our product so I can fill in any gaps or clarify any of your initial questions.

You don’t want to repeat what your prospect already knows. If they’ve done their homework, or have found your product through referral, then they may know a lot more information than you think. 

3. How do you solve [problem that your SaaS solves] today?

Gain insight into what the prospect is currently doing, make sure to listen to, and not assume, what their pains are. This will help you key in on the most relevant benefits of your SaaS. 

4. If at any time during this discussion you feel like this isn’t a fit, are you comfortable telling me no?

This question accomplishes two points: it offers your prospect a sense of control from the beginning of the buying process (this is proven to help deals close faster), and ensures that you are both making the best use of your time. 

5. How would this purchase impact your team’s ability to meet their goals and KPIs?

Connect the dots with your prospect about the quantitative impact your solution could have for them. By asking this question you’re positioning the value of your product in a way that will make your SaaS an irresistible solution. 

6. Are there other decision-makers on your end that we should engage in these conversations?

Many times when you book a call or demo with a prospect you may not be speaking with the only decision-maker. Identifying any other players is important to creating the most realistic timeline to close, where everyone has had a chance to be looped into the conversation. 

7. How does your team typically evaluate software purchasing decisions?

Every purchase decision team is different: some want to just into a trial to conduct a self-evaluation, some want numerous demo calls to dig deep into the product, and some have many hoops to jump through. Understanding their process as soon as possible will help you prioritize your work and create realistic timelines to close. 

8. If we can solve [the problem your SaaS solves] by [timeline your current customers start experiencing results], what would it mean for your business?

This question shows a realistic timeline for seeing results, which can increase your prospects’ motivation to close. It also paints a picture for your prospect of how their future could be positively impacted with your SaaS as part of their day-to-day. 

9. What level of support and involvement from our team would help your team reach peak performance with our software?

Asking questions about the type of support that is needed gives you an understanding of how to charge for onboarding and support and how to provide a seamless transition from sales reps to your customer experience team. For your prospects, it proves your commitment to helping them achieve their goals.

Bonus Advice: Building a relationship is always step one to closing a deal successfully. How can you make your SaaS sales questions even more personal to you and your prospect? Never underestimate the value of dedicating time to additional research ahead of conversations. As much as SaaS sales is all about business, it’s still a person with just as much depth and interest as you on the other side of the call.

Applying SaaS Sales Questions to your Style

It’s cliche to say, but being yourself is one of the best strategies to keep prospects talking and interested. Give yourself grace and room to be yourself, and prospects will feel the difference in your tone and approach. While there are always best practices and guidelines you should follow, your own twist and style is what will make you a top-performing SaaS sales rep. Finding your unique style and arming yourself with the right questions will help you close SaaS deals faster. 

Asking the right questions is just one piece of the SaaS sales puzzle. How you present your pricing has a huge impact on your ability and timeline to close deals. Learn how you can save over 10 hours a month by changing your pricing presentation to Interactive Live Quotes by clicking here

Anna Mroczkowski

Anna Mroczkowski

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