IAmTimCorey and FastSpring: A Case Study

Developer education and digital courses business IAmTimCorey saw annual growth rates of 28% in 2022 and 50% in 2023 since switching to FastSpring.

Key Result

28% and 50% annual growth rates in first 2 years on FastSpring


Education and Information Technology


Dallas, Texas, United States

The Company

IAmTimCorey is a developer education company started by Tim Corey, a developer who learned to code the hard way. He wanted to make it easier for others to break into the field by teaching students how to think and code like professional developers. The result is over 500 YouTube videos, seven Microsoft MVP awards, and over 380 hours of premium developer education content across 25+ courses that deliver real-world training in step-by-step lessons.

"We use FastSpring to help us sell digital courses. Because of their platform's flexibility, we've been able to expand where and how we sell courses. That has allowed us to almost triple our monthly income in the two years we have been customers of FastSpring."

Tim Corey, Owner and Lead Instructor, IAmTimCorey

The Challenge

IAmTimCorey’s mission has always been to help people — by getting them engaged with the training, keeping them deeply engaged, and helping them achieve better outcomes because of it. The business started on an all-in-one training platform that facilitated user management, payments, and course management. However, that platform’s purchase process had limited payment options, an unrefined look and feel, and in some cases, even presented barriers to students’ ability to make purchases. IAmTimCorey knew their students deserved something better.

As the business grew, the team needed tools to help them see where they were going. They could not easily review sales or even determine business income at month’s end. Manually moving sales data to external tools for analysis was cumbersome and impossible to keep current.

The IAmTimCorey team realized they needed a robust ecommerce solution that integrated well into their existing systems, was easy to implement and manage, facilitated worldwide access to their products, and seamlessly handled all the required processing. It also had to have a reliable and powerful reporting tool that enabled them to see where the business was heading.

The Solution

IAmTimCorey explored several options and found that FastSpring’s ratings, reviews, and product offerings lined up best to address their needs. The key elements they were looking for included:

IAmTimCorey was assigned a transition expert to help make their transition onto the FastSpring platform smooth. They found that store setup was easy and adding products was quick. As the business has grown, the FastSpring platform’s capabilities continue to support their needs.

FastSpring’s simplified pop-up check-out made purchasing easier and faster for their students. User management features including full and partial refunds, risk assessments, clear user transaction history, subscription management, and straightforward quote management, keep their users happy and minimize overhead.

The visibility into their own business numbers, thanks to FastSpring’s advanced reporting tools, was also a “game changer” for the team. They could instantly see exactly where their sales were on a daily and monthly basis. Trends, user behaviors, and product performance visibility allowed them to adjust their approach and assess impacts of the changes.

Another huge value has been FastSpring’s integration capabilities. The robust webhooks and API options integrate smoothly into IAmTimCorey’s tools and allow the team to be responsive with facilitating immediate automated fulfillments, initiating drip campaigns, managing subscriptions, and responding to issues.

IAmTimCorey’s partnership with FastSpring has allowed them to take their business to the next level. In addition to the robust platform, FastSpring support personnel have been responsive and show genuine concern about the success of the business.

The Results

Since moving to FastSpring in 2021, IAmTimCorey had a 28% growth rate in 2022 and a 50% growth rate in 2023. FastSpring also helped them pivot from a sales-driven model to a subscription model, allowing for predictable revenue streams. The flexibility within FastSpring’s subscription product models allows them to craft solutions to meet their own needs as well as the needs of their students — which also drives up retention.


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