Capture One and FastSpring: A Case Study

The team experienced a 40% lift in their conversion rates with an easy-to-use localized popup checkout, and enjoy a great partnership with FastSpring.

Key Result

40% increase in conversion rate


Professional Photo Software


Copenhagen, Denmark

The Company

Capture One is the award-winning professional choice in image editing software.

Capture One is an industry leader in photo editing software. By delivering the most advanced photo editing and asset management tools, authentic colors, highest image quality, and astonishing speeds, Capture One gives photographers complete creative control of every photo and accelerates their photo production process.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with offices around the world, they’re creating photo editing solutions that deliver the highest quality photo every time. Capture One is partners with Phase One A/S, the world’s leading manufacturer of medium format digital photography systems and imaging solutions for professional photographers and industrial applications.

“Since launching our FastSpring ecommerce store, we have seen a 40% increase in our conversion rate. There is no question that our partnership with FastSpring has enabled us to move quickly and has been a huge part of our success.”

Frederic Linfjärd, Digital Commercial Manager

The Challenge

With decades of success developing industry-leading hardware as part of Phase One, Capture One is uniquely positioned to help photographers and imaging experts all over the world. With the growing software market Capture One is now ready to take the lead with their photo editing software.

The Capture One team identified a new stream of revenue for their business by monetizing the Capture One photo editing software that supports their successful hardware business. Initially, the team built an in-house ecommerce solution to power their online store. However, the team quickly realized their homegrown solution wasn’t going to work as their software business continued to grow.

“We realized we needed a completely new ecommerce platform because all the things that we wanted to do in the modern ecommerce world we couldn’t do. We couldn’t do anything without it turning into an IT project because our e-shop was built for one product and nothing else. Which didn’t work when we outgrew our one product.”

The Solution

The Capture One team reviewed their options for a trusted partner and ecommerce platform to help them quickly build and maintain their expanding online store. So they can focus on what they do best—building great software while staying lean and efficient.

The team needed an experienced partner that could help them turn their online store into a modern shopping experience to drive sales from around the world without requiring IT resources. They wanted a solution that was flexible, nimble, and would set them up for success in a competitive global marketplace.

After a thorough review process, Capture One chose FastSpring as their trusted ecommerce partner for several reasons, including:

“We were focused on not only finding an ecommerce platform that worked but also on building a relationship and partnership, which I believe is very important. You don’t want to buy something and then be alone. You need a good partnership. In the end, we picked FastSpring because they showed us they wanted to be a true partner.”

The Results

“It’s easier to do business with us. Customers can pay in their own currency with the payment option they want, and it’s all in their local language. This makes a huge difference in our conversion rate.” 

After running an A/B of the FastSpring platform, the Capture One team was delighted with the results. They were able to expand into new global markets with localized checkout experiences that automatically display accurate pricing, language, currency, and taxes for every customer around the world. In-depth platform analytics provide actionable insights for the Capture One team so that they can easily test new ideas and see the results. Flexibility and ease of the platform gave the team more power to execute on new initiatives while saving time and increased team morale. 

The initial success with FastSpring has the Capture One team excited to implement more platform features and build out an affiliate program. 

“The communication with FastSpring makes me happy because FastSpring is invested in our business and offers new ways of approaching what we are doing. The best practices, tips, and resources on how to improve our online store is a huge benefit.” 

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