Optimize & Enhance Conversions for Your eCommerce Business

Track email marketing, banner ads, pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate partners and other web-based advertising with help from FastSpring.
optimize with google analytics

Google Analytics Support

FastSpring offers integration with Google Analytics, which delivers comprehensive reporting that helps you understand and analyze website traffic. Learn where paying customers are coming from, what their demographics look like, track traffic trends and more. Analyzing your main website together with your FastSpring store offers a complete picture of your revenue metrics.

Other Third-Party Programs

In addition to Google Analytics, FastSpring also supports Omniture, WebTrends and Google AdWords.

optimize with ab split testing

A/B Split Testing with FastSpring’s Platform

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a systematic way to test specific elements of an order page sequence, in a way that optimizes conversions and revenue. It works by sending 50% of your traffic to your baseline flow (your standard order page), and the other 50% to your adjusted flow (your modified order page).

Experiment with changes in price, discounts, cross-selling, style elements and more. Best of all, you can easily incorporate A/B testing right from the SpringBoard platform.

cross-sell optimization

Cross-Sell Optimization

Increase your revenue by cross-selling products anytime your customer adds an item to his/her cart.

  • Test different products and scenarios to determine which perform best as crosssell opportunities
  • Display addon products and services in a variety of locations to find the best place for product exposure during the order flow Store Order Support (access to Orders)
  • Easily configure crosssell discounts to add even more value
cart abandonment solution

Cart Abandonment Remarketing Solution

Studies show that some 67% of online users abandon their shopping cart before completing a purchase.

When data is entered but the cart is ultimately abandoned, FastSpring can automatically capture the email address and send it to a specific email list in MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor or other campaign management programs. This creates a unique remarketing opportunity and a chance to capitalize on an otherwise lost sale.

partner management

Splitpay: Reseller Partner Management

Easily track and manage resellers and partners with FastSpring’s SplitPay feature. Track your partners’ sales by product and view detailed sales reports. Each third-party partner is setup as a payee in our system. They’re issued their own login to review their account, add their payment details and more.

Funds are distributed to each partner automatically. SplitPay recognizes the products your partners sell and designated their split of revenue, profit or royalty share. Prices, discounts, and cross-sells can be partner-specific, and each partner can have their own look and feel.