How ConnectCPA Sold Before Interactive Quotes

ConnectCPA would use software designed for internal team brainstorming and collaboration to create visual pricing presentations that they could display during Zoom calls with prospects. Details and disclaimers could be found spread over the package page on various “sticky notes,” making the page difficult to navigate for both the sales rep and the prospect.

The results were disorganized “pricing boards” that prospects had issues navigating and closing through. ConnectCPA was prepared to build their own in-house pricing software to solve this issue.

“[Interactive Quotes] has been really effective in not having to go to that extra step of jumping on a follow-up call with prospects. They’re engaging right on the spot because they have a call to action. It’s solved a major pain point for us.”

Mike Pinkus


What They Changed

ConnectCPA switched from displaying pricing on idea collaboration software and started using Interactive Quotes

What Happened After FastSpring Interactive Quotes

Now ConnectCPA’s pricing experience is clean, concise and professional. Zoom calls with prospects are less cluttered as details of packages are neatly and efficiently organized. Prospects can see a birds-eye view of all options and break down the deal’s granular details.

ConnectCPA’s sales process has accelerated, with 50% of engaged prospects closing directly through Interactive Quotes by selecting and accepting packages without a sales rep’s help.

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