How Crescendo Sold Before Interactive Quotes

Before Interactive Quotes, Crescendo included pricing in the back of their sales decks. When trying to create custom pricing, with formatting like tiers, the slides ended up looking “cramped.” This made it difficult to include all the details of the deal and convey them clearly to prospects, making for a “clunky” process.

This also provided Crescendo with no insights into how prospects were consulting with pricing. “I never knew if [the customers] were going into the deck to kind of change it up, choose different options or look through the different tiers that we were offering.”

Proposals were delivered via a slide deck, with a dedicated slide to pricing at the end.

Emails were also sent providing an extremely in-depth explanation of how the pricing works to create it as a reference piece to help prospects understand all the aspects correctly. Then, prospects could contact the sales reps for adjustments and further questions.

“[Interactive Quotes] has really helped me figure out what [our] pricing should be and try it out with a lot of different types and sizes of companies. That’s been a big boost.”

Stefan Kollenberg
Co-Founder and CRO


What They Changed

Crescendo switched from formatting pricing on slide decks to incorporating Interactive Quotes in presentations.

What Happened After FastSpring Interactive Quotes

Crescendo better understands what their pricing should be as an early-stage company. Experimenting with pricing models and tiers is easy using Interactive Quotes, helping figure out what to try with different types and sizes of companies.

How they deliver their proposals now:

Now Crescendo makes pricing a priority by booking separate calls to review specifics. They use Interactive Quotes to walk through detailed pricing and then provide prospects with the unique quote link so they can see and explore pricing themselves.

Crescendo’s customers are also benefiting from the change. “[Interactive Quotes] is a really cool surprise, people like [receiving] it.”

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