How Foundation sold before Interactive Quotes

“Essentially we had three key ways that we would sell: We had a PDF showcasing three different pricing tiers around how we would be able to service our clients. That PDF came from a PowerPoint that we would edit every time a client came knocking, looking to work with us. Sometimes we would go straight starting from scratch and develop entire proposals.”

How they delivered their proposals:

“Sometimes it would just be a PDF attached to a document and they would be going through it on their own. We would connect with them when they had questions. Sometimes people would respond back and they’d just be like, ‘This sounds great, let’s start.’ But other times we would have emails that would say, ‘Let’s jump on a call, there’s some things that we don’t understand.’… We always tried to make ourselves and our spreadsheets pretty. But in doing so you can’t give as much information.”

“[Interactive Quotes] conveys with complete transparency what customers are getting … People understand what the value is because it’s so clearly communicated with this product. People just get it.”

Ross Simmonds


What They Changed

Foundation switched from using static PDFs to sending FastSpring’s Interactive Quotes.

What Happened After FastSpring Interactive Quotes

“We no longer need to ruffle between all of these different tools to put together a package and we can just use Interactive Quotes. What’s great is you can copy old info, move it over, and it’s all there.

We don’t need to go into a PowerPoint doc and edit things, make a bunch of tweaks, we can just send it off and get a client to look at it. You can clearly see that ‘this is offered in this tier, this is offered in this tier’ and it’s way more professional and engaging. We’ve been able to close deals through it and it’s been a great experience.

How they deliver their proposals now:

“Now we typically have a call and talk them [the client] through what we’re going to be sending them. Then once we send it, we get data from the [Interactive Quotes].”

What’s cool is we also get to have analytics and the data coming back from [Interactive Quotes] saying ‘this person just selected this price’… It gives us the ability to really understand them even though we’re not interacting right in-person. When we do have our next follow-up call, it makes it easier for us to prepare for what’s going to happen.”

“It conveys with complete transparency what customers are getting. We don’t get a lot of pushback around ‘But how much time are you spending?’ People understand what the value is because it’s so clearly communicated with this product. People just get it.”

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