How LinkSquares Sold Before Interactive Quotes

LinkSquares created strategic pricing that allows prospects to grow effectively over time with the company. This allowed them to test the market and figure out what resonated best with prospects. These complex conversations would take place verbally, over Zoom meetings, and followed up with an email summary to ensure both parties understood what was discussed.

How they delivered their proposals:

Emails would be sent providing an extremely in-depth explanation of how the pricing works to create it as a reference piece to help prospects understand all the aspects correctly. Then, prospects could contact the sales reps for adjustments and further questions.

“FastSpring IQ has saved my team an estimated 30 mins per opportunity (10 hours per a month) and has helped us 2X conversion rates! So glad we found this tool.”

— Steve Travaglini, Chief Revenue Officer

“[Interactive Quotes] provided us with a framework to test pricing more effectively, and it allows for a really smooth conversation with prospects.”

— Jack Hannah, Team Lead


What They Changed

LinkSquares switched from communicating pricing adjustments over email to using FastSpring Interactive Quotes.

What Happened After FastSpring Interactive Quotes

Now prospects can confidently and independently experiment with pricing options and packages. Sales reps are using insights and analytics from the prospect’s experimentation to inform follow-up strategies. This creates a much more efficient back and forth, resulting in more transparent conversations with prospects.

CRO Steve Travaglini adds, “FastSpringIQ is an invaluable asset when it comes time to talk about pricing. Before we started using IQ there wasn’t an easy way to explain our pricing model, and quite frankly… prospects were getting confused and frustrated by the long winded explanations and lengthy summary emails that followed. 

For my team that meant a significant amount of time wasted, but more importantly it meant that we were losing out on customers. 

IQ has given us a clean, clear, and concise visual presentation of our pricing guide that has cleared up all of the confusion prospects were having.”

How They Deliver Proposals Now

Now during product demonstrations, LinkSquares incorporates Interactive Quotes into their call by sharing the screen and interacting with pricing live with their prospects. This shows very clearly factors that affect price while maintaining a professional, structured conversation. Interactive Quotes displays all the information visually for sales reps while they explain it, and then a link to the same page is provided to prospects following the conversation so they can navigate pricing themselves.

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