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Simplify pricing conversations and sell faster for free with FastSpring IQ. Perfect for demos, or for sharing quotes asynchronously.

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Goodbye Spreadsheets! Hello IQ

FastSpring IQ (Interactive Quotes) is more than a quoting tool.

Because of its interactive elements, you can use it to explain your pricing better, like a live pricing calculator. 


How does it make pricing conversations easier?

  • During live demos
    You can share the IQ while you “play” with the pricing. IQ makes it easy to clearly display what exactly goes into your prospects’ pricing.
  • For sharing asynchronously
    You can also send the IQ directly to prospects, empowering them to build a package in accordance to their needs and budget.
deal insights real time analytics

Track Insights and Keep Everything in One Place

You can even track what your prospects interact with inside the quote, for more efficient follow-ups.

Because IQ was designed to help you sell faster, it also has CRM integrations, eSignatures, and payments so that everything is in one place. 

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Is IQ Really Free?

Yes! IQ is free forever, with all core functionalities included.

We do have paid plans for larger teams, but it’s free for up to 2 users. See pricing and inclusions here.

See IQ in Action

Play with our Interactive Pricing Elements with a Sample Quote!

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Why Customers Love IQ

“FastSpringIQ is an invaluable asset when it comes time to talk about pricing.
IQ has given us a clean, clear, and concise visual presentation of our pricing guide that has cleared up all of the confusion prospects were having.

This has saved my team an estimated 30 mins per opportunity (10 hours per a month) and has helped us 2X conversion rates! So glad we found this tool.”

Steve Travaglini, Chief Revenue Officer, LinkSquares



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