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Simplify pricing conversations and sell faster for free with FastSpring IQ. Perfect for demos, or for sharing quotes asynchronously.

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Goodbye Spreadsheets! Hello IQ

FastSpring IQ (Interactive Quotes) is more than a quoting tool.

Because of its interactive elements, you can use it to explain your pricing better, like a live pricing calculator. 


How does it make pricing conversations easier?

  • During live demos
    You can share the IQ while you “play” with the pricing. IQ makes it easy to clearly display what exactly goes into your prospects’ pricing.
  • For sharing asynchronously
    You can also send the IQ directly to prospects, empowering them to build a package in accordance to their needs and budget.
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Track Insights and Keep Everything in One Place

You can even track what your prospects interact with inside the quote, for more efficient follow-ups.

Because IQ was designed to help you sell faster, it also has CRM integrations, eSignatures, and payments so that everything is in one place. 

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Is IQ Really Free?

Yes! IQ is free forever, with all core functionalities included.

We do have paid plans for larger teams, but it’s free for up to 2 users. See pricing and inclusions here.

See IQ in Action

Play with our Interactive Pricing Elements with a Sample Quote!

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