Reduce Churn with Intelligent Dunning Management

FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce platform is fully equipped with the dunning management tools software and SaaS companies need to effectively stay connected to customers, manage accounts, and reduce subscription churn.

Boost Efficiency with Automated Account Review

Manually checking up on delinquent accounts is a thing of the past. Improve business efficiency and save valuable resources by automating the entire dunning process.

Proactive Maintenance Features to Help Maximize Recurring Revenue

Dunning management doesn’t just work for delinquent accounts. Help curb failed payments and involuntary churn on your site by notifying customers that their debit or credit card is expiring soon. Your customers will appreciate these proactive reminders to update their payment information and your business will enjoy the reliable revenue.

Custom Payment Retry Alerts

Freezing a customer’s account too quickly after a payment failure can result in a bad customer experience. FastSpring’s dunning management tools allow you to automatically follow up with your customers when their payment fails or is past-due. Set up flexible plain text or HTML email reminder notifications at two, five, seven, 14, and 21 days after their payment method fails. No loss of service means reduced customer churn.

Streamline Trial Upgrades

Offering clear customer communication helps foster greater customer loyalty and further protects your SaaS company against unwanted churn. If you offer a free trial subscription that automatically switches to a paid subscription with recurring billing, FastSpring’s platform will send a friendly email reminder prior to the switch.

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