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Standard Setup and Configuration

  • Action tracker setup and validation
  • Insertion orders creation
  • Upload affiliate resources
  • Set up system emails

Campaign Marketplace Setup

  • Affiliate marketplace setup and activation
  • Gain access to hundreds of potential affiliates


  • Get up and running fast
  • Professional setup and testing

Includes On-Boarding PLUS:

  • Guided affiliate system demo and Q&A
  • Bi-monthly affiliate team call to optimize your program
  • Prepared marketing insights from your top Affiliates


  • All of the benefits of the On-Boarding plan so you can get up and running fast; plus expert advice, tips, tricks and best practices strategies to help develop and grow your affiliate program.

Tailored Solution

Whether you want to get a head start with a new program or reinvigorate an existing affiliate program, we can build a solution that will fit with your needs.

We offer everything from periodic program audits to full day to day program management.

FastSpring can create a program that can fill in the gaps within your marketing mix and leverage the strengths of performance based marketing in a way that makes sense for your business.

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“I knew up front that I’m only going to pay for whatever the affiliate program brings in, which makes it easy to test, try, make mistakes, and grow.”

Mike Burda, Sales & Business Development at Smile • Read More

Become a FastSpring Affiliate Media Partner

Become a Media Partner

Are you a content expert in your field of digital downloads, online games, Saas or subscription services? Sign up as a media partner of FastSpring. You can earn commissions quickly and easily by promoting our extensive marketplace of advertisers.

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Register as an Advertiser - FastSpring Affiliate Program

Register as an Advertiser

As a FastSpring client, registering as a merchant opens new channels of customers and sales.

FastSpring is partnered with a leading affiliate network, offering seamless integration and the best partner program technology. Boost ROI, enhance scalability, and improve analytics.

FastSpring Affiliate Checklist

Speed up your affiliate onboarding process – download the FastSpring Affiliate Program checklist now!

Affiliate Program FAQ

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  • Affiliate Setup
  • Affiliate Support
  • Affiliate Payments
  • Affiliate Reporting
  • Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Marketing Program Terms

Client will be setup to have access to the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing System. Client will be setup to have access to the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing System upon completion of the sign-up flow and execution of the Order Form. There are additional fees for sales generated through this system, set forth within the Order Form and noted below as “Affiliate Sale Fee”. Note that in using this system, Client is agreeing to relationships with 3rd party marketers that will advertise Client’s products in exchange for payment on sales they generate. Client will be liable for those payments, which FastSpring will facilitate by remitting payments owed to 3rd party marketers for sales generated through the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing System from Client’s FastSpring account to those 3rd party marketers.

Affiliate Sale Fee: 25% (Commission on Payout Amount to Affiliate)

Getting Paid

FastSpring pays all of your affiliates directly, so you don’t have to. Once a month, the amount that FastSpring has funded for your affiliates is simply deducted from your FastSpring payment.