3 Top Myths About Conversion Optimization

December 6th, 2017
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If you own an online business or website and have been looking for ways to improve your conversion rate, chances are that you have stumbled on the term “conversion optimization.”

Simply put, conversion optimization involves methods to get more people to click the “Buy” button, sign up for your email list, or any other goals you may have set for your business. The internet is filled with tips to optimize your conversion rate; unfortunately, there’s misinformation out there might actually produce the opposite effect.

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about optimizing your conversion rate. We are going to bust those popular conversion optimization myths and show you the right way to optimize.

Myth 1: Change the Graphics and the Sales Will Come

If this were true, then all websites, e-commerce stores, and online businesses would have all the sales in the world. Unfortunately, it is not.

Many people think that the problem is how the website looks and not its content. That is why there’s so much noise about graphics. Admittedly, graphics play a significant role in your site’s conversion rate. However, it is not nearly as important as your website’s content.

A successful website is not usually successful because of the bells and whistles. It is successful because of the sheer awesomeness of its content. People will keep buying from you through your website if you can help them “optimize their decisions.” Conversion optimization is more about “decision optimization” than graphics and designs.

Myth 2: Visitors MUST Find What they Need in 3 Clicks or Less

It is interesting how the three click rule became pretty popular online. The thought behind this rule is that most people would typically give up on something online if they cannot find what they need in three clicks or less.

The real question, however, is whether or not this is true. According to alexa.com, a leading web data and analytics firm, the average visitor on Amazon.com visits 11.2 pages every day and spends about 10.44 minutes on the site every day. That is not something you can do in three clicks or less.

The three click rule should be taken figuratively, not literally. The aim should be that your visitors should find what they need from your website as quickly as possible. Your focus should be on optimizing your website’s navigation and search functions/processes.

Myth 3: Optimize all Website Elements

Focus your efforts, instead, on optimizing your website’s value proposition. In the end, it is not about the colors of your buy button, the snazzy header, or the gorgeous fonts. It is not about how modern it looks, the number and timing of your exit pop-ups, social signals or its trappings.

It is about what makes your brand unique. It is about how you can communicate what makes you special, and why your brand or business is better than your competition. You should be able to make an impact on your visitors and leave a lasting impression that will make them want to utilize your services, buy your products, and sign up for your consulting.

Always remember one thing: all the split testing, multiple ads, landing pages, and headlines are a means to an end—leading your visitors down the path to your goal. If your business is lacking in this regard, all the testing and optimizing in the world will not mean anything.

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