3 Ways Exit-Intent Tech Can Boost Your Conversion Rates

Robirt Kong
Robirt Kong
January 31st, 2019
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In the digital era, converting leads into customers is essential for the growth of your company. Polishing up your web presence and growing interest in your product is only half the battle. After driving traffic to your online store, your company needs to strategize effective ways to convert these visitors into paying customers.

What happens when visitors want to leave your site without buying? Does your company have a system in place to help prevent these lost sales?

For businesses looking to sell their software, digital products or service online, exit-intent technology is one viable way to help maximize conversions on their online store.

Read on to learn how using exit-intent popups can help safeguard your revenue.

What is an Exit-Intent Popup? 

An Exit-Intent Popup is a technique used by online stores to help retain customers and boost the conversion rate on their ecommerce site. For example, when a visitor attempts to leave your site by closing the tab or entering a new URL, a popup containing a promotion or relevant message is displayed to the user. In theory, reengaging the visitor with a last minute offer will allow your company to convert them into a customer right before they leave.

How can Exit Popups help my business? 

Great, you now have a general understanding of what exit-intent popups are. Let’s dive deeper into the topic by discussing three ways your company can effectively use this technique to positively impact your bottom line.

1. Build email lists and generate leads. 

In reality, some customers aren’t ready to make a purchase on your site right away. Instead of being frustrated, your company should focus on ways to make the most of the situation. Before users exit your site, prompt them to sign up to receive communications from your business. This way, you have permission to reengage with your visitors down the road and send them information about upcoming product promotions. Your customers may not be ready to buy at this time but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to capture the sale again in the future!

2. Find out why your customers aren’t buying (yet).

We all know how frustrating it can be to have shoppers add your digital product or software into their shopping cart only to abandon your site without making a purchase. Exit-intent surveys help demystify the reason behind cart abandonment by asking your customers to clarify why they didn’t buy at this time.

Maybe your pricing is too high? Or your solution is missing one key feature? You can rest assured knowing that your popup can help you understand your buyer’s objections. Who knows, you might just uncover key insights that help drastically improve your product offerings or identify a new way to streamline the shopping experience on your site.

3. Save your business a second chance to sell.
In a way, your exit-intent popup acts as a “safety net” that’s ready to catch your customer’s attention by repeating your messaging or encouraging your visitors to reconsider purchasing from your online store. To do this, companies often employ popups that use one of these three strategies:

  1. Scarcity
    Sometimes being transparent about the limited nature of a product is enough to help close a sale. Your customers may perceive your product as more valuable if they understand that there is a limited supply to go around. 
  2. Incentives
    Who doesn’t love a good bargain or discount? Help guide your visitors to a sale by offering them a hefty discount on their purchase if they sign up for your product or service now.
  3. Product recommendation
    It could be that your initial product or service wasn’t a complete match with your visitor, however, the conversation doesn’t have to end there. Offering your visitors personalized product recommendations based on their behavior on your site is another way to potentially encourage a sale.


When leveraged correctly, exit-intent tech and strategies can have a positive impact on your conversion rate by helping to generate leads and providing valuable insight into your shopper’s preferences. As long as your company is not too invasive with the popups you use, your customers will generally appreciate the gentle reminder to buy.

Looking for more ways to optimize the conversion rate on your site and maximize your traffic’s ROI? Download our guide, What You Need To Know About Selling Online.

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