5 Questions to Ask in Your Ecommerce Software Demo

Brian Deignan
By Brian Deignan

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You’ve taken the first step and scheduled a software demo to learn more about how an end-to-end ecommerce solution can help you scale your business.

Congratulations! But what now?

Choosing the right ecommerce solution to power your business is a big decision, and sometimes hearing about all the bells and whistles in your demo can be overwhelming. To help you get the most out of your demo, we’ve put together a list of things to focus on to maximize your experience.

1. Why should I consider an end-to-end ecommerce solution?

Ecommerce is experiencing a massive wave of growth, and businesses selling digital goods and services are looking for ways tap into that growth. With an end-to-end ecommerce solution like FastSpring, you get modern, fast, and cost-efficient management of the entire ecommerce experience with one simple and powerful platform. Ask how businesses using FastSpring’s platform see an average of 40% increase in sales.

2. How will an ecommerce solution help me reach customers globally?

Cross-border ecommerce sales are expected to grow by 25% per year on average—which is twice as fast as domestic ecommerce. Competing taxes and shifting regulations present a challenge for businesses who are looking to grow into global markets. With an ecommerce platform like FastSpring, businesses are empowered to offer modern checkout experiences with multiple currencies and payment options, automatic global tax management and regulation compliance. Ask how FastSpring’s intelligent payment routing help businesses provide localized checkout experiences for customers all over the world.

3. Will it help me offer a subscription billing model to my customers?

Subscription management provides predictable cash flow and increase the lifetime value of each customer. A robust ecommerce platform, like FastSpring, efficiently manages all aspects of subscription-based business models including automated correspondence, flexible pricing, and free trials. Ask how FastSpring’s Dunning Management solution provides automated notifications to help your subscribers stay active and keep their payment information up-to-date.

4. How will it help me create custom checkout experiences?

Customers expect a seamless, modern experience on every device they use to make an online purchase. It’s crucial that your comprehensive ecommerce solution offers localized checkout pages, flexible work flows, and branded checkout experiences. Businesses using FastSpring’s robust ecommerce platform experience an average of 30% decrease in cart abandonment. Ask how FastSpring’s Store Builder Library helps businesses set up a modern checkout experience in a minutes.

5. What can I expect as far as support for me and my customers?

At FastSpring, your success is our success. Our award-winning customer service includes support for you and your customers. From the moment you sign up, our team  will guide you through every step to set up your store. You will save time and resources with FastSpring assisting your customers with any order-related questions and feedback. Ask how FastSpring’s setup checklist and on-boarding process helps you get the most from the platform.

Now that you have all the questions you need to get the most out of your demo, it’s time to schedule it! Request your demo, here.

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