5 Reasons Your SaaS Business Needs an Ecommerce Platform

Chris Lueck
Chris Lueck
May 15th, 2017
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If your SaaS company isn’t taking advantage of online transactions with an ecommerce platform, it’s time to consider adopting one.

An ecommerce platform offers SaaS companies the opportunity to conduct online transactions, thus opening up their options and significantly widening their audience. Ecommerce platforms have been referred to as future-proof, meaning that they can scale with growth in business and progression in technology.

Here’s an overview of the many benefits of implementing an ecommerce platform to sell your product online.

Increase Uptime and Security

When a SaaS company adopts an ecommerce platform, technological software updates and patches happen automatically, behind the scenes, giving you the time to focus on growing the business rather than managing the back end. Additionally, ecommerce platforms can either be managed in-house or outsourced, allowing your company to choose the option that’s most suitable.

As for security, ecommerce solutions stay ahead of security trends, thanks to the utilization of patches and routine software updates. This ensures your platform, business data, and sensitive client information is safely stored. Data security should be a priority for any company. Cybertheft costs businesses an estimated $400 billion per year, so it’s just good sense to take security seriously.

Streamline the Billing Process

Managing and retaining a large client base with recurring billing is complex. An ecommerce platform can streamline the process by introducing time-saving options such as subscription management and recurring billing. Some platforms support multiple currencies and languages, creating the opportunity to expand your business globally. Other options SaaS businesses benefit from include dunning management, multiple payment options,  and maintaining tax compliance all in one place.

Also, invoicing has never been easier. With an ecommerce solution, invoicing is done automatically, which further streamlines the billing process and boosts time for business productivity.

Seamless Integration

The capability for customization within an ecommerce platform for SaaS is essential. Fortunately, if you choose the right platform, it’s also relatively simple. Customization offers the opportunity to work with existing solutions already in place, with the added bonus of cloud app integration. Everything from your current hardware and software remains in place, meaning incompatibility issues are nonexistent when the time comes to scale up the business.

Regardless of the size of the business, it’s possible to pick and choose just how much and which parts of an ecommerce platform a SaaS company requires. This allows for easy integration for growing businesses and allows startups and smaller organization to utilize (and pay for) only the services they need at any given time.

Scalability and Flexibility

Increasing revenue and getting conversions is the ultimate goal for any forward-thinking SaaS company. In order to achieve this, it’s important to focus on brand positioning and building a loyal customer base. An ecommerce platform gives a SaaS business the necessary flexibility to redistribute funds in order to amplify the business’s brand name. Saved costs can also be allocated to improve customer service as well, rather than spending money on manual processes that are not cost effective for scalability.

Bring an Ecommerce Platform to Your Organization

Each business has a specific need when it comes to selling their digital services. As such, it’s important that the company finds a digital ecommerce provider that can meet those unique needs.

At FastSpring, we make sure you get all the benefits you deserve from online transacting on ecommerce platforms for your software business. Our platform features a flexible ordering system that is easily integrated into your website and its design, allowing you to focus on the business itself—saving you money in unnecessary programming tasks and operational costs.

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Chris Lueck

Chris Lueck

Chris Lueck is a Board Member at FastSpring. Prior to his time at FastSpring, Lueck served as Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Pylon Capital, a privately-held entrepreneurial investment firm focused on high growth, technology-enabled service companies. Chris earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia and a Master of Business Administration Degree in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Santa Barbara, California.

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