5 Tips to Improve Conversion Rates in Ecommerce

By Mark Hemmis

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While it’s important that your customers get as far as putting your product in their virtual shopping cart, how do you get them to take the steps to complete the transaction? An astounding 67.45% of ecommerce shopping carts are abandoned before conversion, so if you find yourself wondering why there seems to be a disconnect between shoppers showing interest in a product and actually making the purchase, you’re definitely not alone.

Here are a few hints to help you improve your ecommerce conversion rates.

Conversion Tip #1: Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Mobile Use

Mobile conversions are significantly higher than their desktop counterparts— 64% higher, in fact. When you consider that, for the first time since the introduction of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, more people are accessing the internet via mobile device than through their desktop machines, it becomes clear just how important it is for you to make your ecommerce site mobile friendly.

Ensure that your mobile site is just as functional and attractive as it is on the desktop. Do frequent tests to see that it’s responsive, as it only takes a few seconds for people to abandon their effort altogether.

Conversion Tip #2: Keep it Simple

27% of shoppers abandon their carts because the process to complete conversion is too complicated. To simplify checkout for your customers, you can:

  • Offer a guest checkout option so they don’t have to sign in to complete the purchase
  • Enumerate the steps in the process, keeping the number of steps under five
  • Clearly display the items in the shopping cart (with images) so the shopper doesn’t forget what they’re purchasing and click away from transaction to find out, which can lead them to abandon the transaction altogether
  • Respect your customer’s time, offering features such as a checkbox that the shopper can check to indicate that their shipping and billing address is the same.

Conversion Tip #3: Improve Your Ecommerce Site’s Security Practices

Today, offering your customers security, monitoring, and additional safety features that come with a full-stack ecommerce platform is a must. Cybercrime is on the rise and if you don’t give your customers the security they need to complete their purchase, you won’t see the conversions you want.

In addition to protecting their sensitive data, set your customers’ minds at ease by prominently displaying a security badge as well as addressing security-related questions in your site’s FAQ.  It’s vital that your customers feel safe and at ease, as they shop or they’ll never make a purchase.

Conversion Tip #4: Use High Quality Images to Describe Your Products

Making an online purchase is something of a trust exercise— your customer is trusting that the product looks like or performs the function that you say it does. Meet customers halfway by offering several detailed, high quality images of your product, allowing them to get a clearer idea of what they’re buying.

Consider providing a brief video of your software in action, particularly if you’re in the SaaS business. There are a number of reasons why video will enhance your ecommerce store, including:

  • Video increases conversions by 37%
  • 57% of consumers say videos make them more confident in their purchase and less likely to make a return
  • Video increases your site’s traffic by 157%
  • Video increases page views by 127%

Conversion Tip #5: Offer a Variety of Payment Options

Every customer has a payment preference. Whether they’re accumulating reward points with their Visa or MasterCard or they prefer the safety of PayPal, there’s a method they like to use to pay for the ecommerce purchase. If that payment method’s not available, you might have just lost a conversion.

This is where a good ecommerce platform will come into play. Be sure that the platform you choose has the capability to accept a variety of types of payments as well as different types of currency, not to mention the option for subscription or recurring billing. Your flexibility will win you favor with your customers. They’ll be delighted that there are different options available, and you’ll be happy to see your conversions climb.

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