The Best Business Management Software for Web Developers

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
December 1st, 2017
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Is web development your livelihood? Then you’re probably frustrated with business management software.

Web developers have to manage a wide variety of tasks, like keeping distracted clients on track through the creative process, managing the ins and outs of day-to-day communications, and handling a huge checklist of development details. Unfortunately, most business management software isn’t a good fit for web professionals. It’s generic and clunky.

Busy web developers need something sleek, not overly complicated, and geared toward web productivity. As you select your next business management software, look for the following characteristics that indicate a good fit for web development work.

Does it have a simple API?

The software should have a simple, intuitive API that is designed with web professionals in mind. It should be able to handle every part of the web development process and allow you to function productively without feeling bogged down.

Take a look at the RESTful API from FastSpring, which was designed for developers. It manages web development projects along with every aspect of the business process: products, orders, discounts, subscriptions, accounts, and even customer service functions.

Yet all this happens within a visually clean interface that minimizes hassle. That’s how good web business management software should work.

Does it offer a testing environment?

Here’s a major difference between typical business management software and software just for web professionals: the presence of a testing environment.

An essential part of web development is the ability to test projects, detect issues, and resolve problems before they ever reach the client. And if a client does notice a problem or request a change, your testing environment should allow you to identify key behaviors and create inventive solutions quickly.

Can your software provide this kind of web product testing environment? If not, it’s limiting your productivity and profitability.

Is it cloud-based?

Business software for web developers should come with free, secure cloud file hosting that supports smooth uploads and downloads. Information should be protected with up-to-the-minute security standards and encryption.

If your software isn’t providing this to you, you can’t provide it to your customers. Think about how embarrassing it would be to sell a major development project, then have your customers encounter slow downloads and constant glitches.

Can it support multiple languages?

Your business management software should speak many languages – the languages of both humans and computers.

The API should be usable from any programming language, with special support for JavaScript, C#, and Objective-C. Integration should never be an issue.

It should also speak the global languages of the people you need to serve. Don’t miss out on international opportunities because your business software can’t handle languages, translations, and world currencies.

This goes hand-in-hand with providing excellent customer service. When your clients, or their clients, encounter an issue with web products you developed, you should be able to address the customer service issue regardless of location or language. Good business management software supports that mission.

Does it support scaling up?

If you go with generic project management software like BaseCamp or Trello, you may find that it doesn’t fit the needs of your web development business. To suit your needs, you’ll have to constantly find workarounds to the software’s limitations.

Instead, imagine using developer-friendly business management software to gather project development information, handle customer service inquiries, deal with invoicing issues, and forge lucrative new partnerships. Imagine that the software was a lifesaver, rather than a timewaster.

Consider using a full-stack solution that is inherently scalable, whether you have 5 clients or 5,000. The best software can provide automation that frees you up from answering routine messages, so you can focus on the work of development.

Being productive shouldn’t feel counterproductive. True productivity – the kind that leads to business expansion – comes from efficiency. Seek out business management software that works as efficiently as you do.

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