Customer Story: Nelio Delivers Powerful WordPress Tools Around the Globe

Christina O’Toole
Christina O’Toole
July 31st, 2018
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In just five short years, three talented and dedicated people came together to deliver robust products that make WordPress sites around the world more impactful.

We’re talking about Nelio.

Why WordPress?

The WordPress community is unique. It’s open source, extensible, and it currently runs 30 percent of the internet. The Nelio team especially loves the amazing WordPress community which is comprised of skilled and enthusiastic developers, designers, scientists, bloggers, and more.

This highly-used platform with an actively engaged community made sense for Nelio to begin their journey to help users optimize their sites.

Nelio builds A/B testing and content marketing tools for WordPress users.

The Nelio team quickly identified two powerful ways to help WordPress users get the most out of their experience—A/B testing and a content editorial calendar with promotion features.

Nelio A/B Testing is the first product the team built. It is a powerful and versatile conversion optimization service specifically designed for WordPress. Users have the ability to test headlines, images, copy and more to optimize their site for more conversions. And everything they need to run A/B tests, measure performance, review heatmaps and more is available in the WordPress dashboard.

Next, Nelio turned their focus to content. Nelio Content is an all-in-one editorial calendar for WordPress. Users can develop and optimize their content, create and schedule all of their social media posts, and measure the performance of everything directly in WordPress.

Nelio partners with FastSpring to deliver an optimal ecommerce experience to their customers.

The high-quality experience Nelio’s team provides for their customers includes the purchase experience. Nelio’s goal from the very beginning was to create scalable SaaS services that are available worldwide. So they knew their ecommerce solution had to keep up.

After contemplating building their own payment processing system and exploring some third-party alternatives, Nelio quickly realized FastSpring’s all-in-one platform had all of the features they were looking for including:

  • Multiple languages, currencies, and pricing that deliver localized experiences to customers all over the world.
  • Seamless integration with their WordPress site.
  • Flexible, adaptable billing models for each of their products/services.

The Nelio team cites FastSpring as playing a key role in their achievement of their business goals. With FastSpring, they’ve saved thousands of dollars in wages and third-party services. Nelio is able to focus exclusively on developing great WordPress plugins and offering great customer support to their global audience.

Learn more about how Nelio’s achieved 50 percent growth year over year with FastSpring, here.

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