FastSpring Confirms It Does Not Bank with Recently Closed Banks

David Nachman
David Nachman
March 14th, 2023
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In light of the recent events in the US banking industry, FastSpring wants to reassure our customers and partners that we were not directly affected by the recent bank closings.

We bank with a major, well-insured institution that’s in a strong financial condition, and FastSpring continues to remain profitable and operate in a fiscally responsible way.

We are proactively working with a handful of customers that have been impacted, supporting customers with updating their bank payout information if they desire, and we are continuing to monitor the situation closely.

If you’re a customer with questions, please reach out at or email your customer support manager.

David Nachman

David Nachman

David serves as the CEO of FastSpring, the trusted full-service ecommerce partner for software companies. He is responsible for leading the company in building on its already successful track record to provide industry-leading ecommerce solutions to the growing software marketplace. Prior to FastSpring and in the last 20 years, David has held roles ranging from functional vice president to CEO at high-growth companies including Vision, Velocify, and HireRight.

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