What Is FastSpring’s Store Builder Library?

Matt Loos
Matt Loos
December 11th, 2017
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It’s almost 2018, and let’s face it: customers have incredibly high expectations and standards for online commerce experiences.

Today’s online shoppers want to check out with as few clicks and barriers as possible – they expect a seamless checkout, they expect it to match your brand, and they demand fast (and successful!) payment processing.

To address this need for performance and ease-of-use, FastSpring users can take advantage of their free access to our Store Builder Library (SBL). It’s like no other ecommerce integration you’ve experienced, and it’s unique to FastSpring.

Sounds Nice. But What Are We Talking About?

FastSpring’s Store Builder Library is a Javascript library that allows your customers to buy your software, content, or digital product quickly and easily.

It embeds on your existing website and provides a rapid checkout mechanism backed by our highly available payment processing and back office/tax features.

It should be noted that you don’t need to know JavaScript at an advanced level to use Store Builder Library. Using data attributes on simple HTML elements, you can create custom carts (with no re-directing to a 3rd party order page),  display localized pricing data, change languages, and allow users to pay in a wide variety of methods, all on your existing website!

What is FastSpring's SBL | FastSpring

Want some more examples of SBL in action? Look no further than FastSpring clients like Daisy Disk, or Nelio.

The look and feel of your FastSpring checkout are also highly configurable, enabling you to make changes and updates from within FastSpring’s dashboard without needing to dive back into your front-end code.

Intuitive, Configurable, And Easy

Store Builder Library provides the checkout experience you’ve always wanted.

Other services require re-building your entire website on a new platform (we’re looking at you Shopify), cobbling together other services and processors (Stripe anyone?), or redirecting to a separate and outdated payment page (PayPal, Avangate, Digital River).

FastSpring’s Store Builder Library is different. It affords you the ability to streamline the process without sacrificing any usability features. You’ll be able to sell globally with localized prices, and with product descriptions in the appropriate currency and language for any region around the world.

Store Builder Library transforms your customer checkout experience, giving you a toolset to build a unique and powerful commerce experience that will lower cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

And don’t forget: Store Builder Library is just a piece of what FastSpring offers. Every purchase your customers make will flow through the entire FastSpring ecosystem, which includes powerful tools for accepting payments (with high success rates), handling taxes (both domestic and international), managing up subscriptions, offering coupons, discounts, cross-sells and upsells, and so much more.

Take advantage of Store Builder Library and everything else FastSpring brings to the table as the #1 full-stack ecommerce platform. Click here to get your free demo today.

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