How to Grow Your Business with Superior File Delivery and Management

Hamilton Kiah
Hamilton Kiah
August 23rd, 2017
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Content production sellers, such as digital audio, video, photography, and other media sellers, have a unique and specific set of requirements from an ecommerce solution. Not only do they need an ecommerce solution that can handle the complications of digital content delivery, the solution must also be able to securely host their files.

full-stack ecommerce platform can do all that and more, enabling sellers to focus on creating content rather than dealing with the intricacies of downloadable file management and cloud hosting. Read on for some of the ways that digital content sellers can benefit from a full-stack ecommerce platform.

Full-Stack Ecommerce Solutions work alongside Audio and Video Sellers

Digital content is quickly outstripping its analog counterparts— digital music generated $7.8 billion last year, while digital video accounted for 64% of all consumer internet traffic in 2016.

That said, hosting and delivering digital content is time-consuming and expensive. However, better full-stack ecommerce solutions can handle each step of the sales process for sellers. From building the storefront to handling the onerous back office duties, a high-quality full-service platform ensures that only the purchasers have access to the product for the predetermined amount of time after the payment has been processed.

What Services Do Full stack solutions Offer Digital Audio and Video Sellers?

Wondering about the specifics of the various full-stack solutions? Here are just a few of the services offered to digital content sellers.

  • File Management— A seller creates a product, provides a description and sets a price, creates the file fulfillment (which can be one file or multiple files) to be delivered after the product’s sold, and passes it all over to the full stack solution.
  • Digital Content Delivery— Regardless of the number or size of files associated with the product purchased, a great full stack solution will deliver the product. The seller doesn’t have to worry about their customers getting their purchase in a timely manner.
  • File Availability— Sellers specify the duration of time or number of downloads for which the file is available to the customer. It’s completely customizable. Extended download service is available as well; for instance, the default length of a download is seven days. For an additional fee, the buyer can download the file for a year. This is where recurring billing or a subscription service could significantly increase the seller’s bottom line.
  • Product Specificity— If you’ve made updates to the product since the buyer first downloaded it, you have the power to determine which version the buyer can access, whether it’s the initially purchased incarnation or the most recent update.

FastSpring Offers a Singular Solution for Digital Content

Creators of digital content need an ecommerce solution that will handle any challenge, regardless of what it might be. FastSpring offers all of the features of an excellent, dynamic full-stack solution. With Fastspring:

  • File size is irrelevant. Selling large-format products is challenging for sellers. It’s unwieldy and difficult to store, let alone the time-consuming process of actually conveying it to the customer. FastSpring has the capacity to accommodate a multitude of products, regardless of their size.
  • It’s a one-stop solution. Whether it’s selling to a global market (with the changes in currency and tax worries that go along with it) or handling customer service problems, FastSpring’s full-stack ecommerce solution is a one-stop shop.
  • File security is enhanced. The last thing any seller wants to think about is whether or not their files are completely secure. With FastSpring, files will not be accessed until the purchase has been made, and the seller has full control over how long the file is accessible. Only users who have completed the purchase and who are in good standing will be able to use the file.

FastSpring’s full-stack platform supports digital audio and video sellers. We understand you’re concerned about large file hosting and digital content delivery, so our platform offers solutions to sellers, regardless of the size of the product they’re selling.

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