How to use Customer Feedback to Build Your SaaS Products

October 9th, 2017
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You’ve worked hard to create a SaaS product that will offer value to prospective customers, but you’re not achieving your conversion goals. What’s not resonating with your pool of customers? How can you improve your product, thus improving your sales?

Using customer feedback is one of the most efficient ways to shape your SaaS product into a product that customers want to purchase. Here are some helpful tips for taking the feedback and turning your product into a raging success.

Tip #1: Foster Customer Communication

If you make it hard for customers to contact you, you’re unlikely to get their feedback— it’s that simple. When you have a better understanding of your customers’ needs, you can modify your product to meet them.

Setting up a variety of points where customers can offer feedback will not just help you improve your product, but it can also shape your customer experience. The simple act of asking customers for their feedback will change their perception of your business, regardless of whether they offer up their opinion or not.

How do you ask for feedback? There are a variety of methods:

  • Customer survey— If you want your survey to be completed, it’s best to keep it short. Five questions are optimal but don’t ask more than ten if you expect customers to actually finish them. Keep the questions simple, and only ask questions you’ll use.
  • Feedback box— This form is an easy way for customers to tell you what they think about your product. Put it at the bottom of every page on your website, or experiment to see where they’re most frequently used by your customers.
  • Reach out directly— Talking to customers directly is the best way to get some context for the feedback they offer. Phone calls are good, and face-to-face is even better. Look through your list to find local customers, and set up a time to chat.
  • Usability tests— If you’re implementing a new feature or product, one of the best ways to see if it will be a success is to do a usability test. This lets you watch someone use it, to see where the problems might occur right away. Now, for $39 per person, you can conduct usability tests through companies like— tests like this used to cost thousands of dollars, but now it’s affordable enough for even the smallest organizations to use it.

That said, avoid pushing customers too hard. If you solicit feedback too aggressively, their perception will turn negative. Offering customers multiple options without forcing the issue is your best bet.

Tip #2: Utilize Analytics to Get to Know Your Customers

As your SaaS business begins to grow, it’s important that you track your user data. Where are customers coming from? What are their demographics? What are your site’s traffic trends? Utilizing an analytics program is the most efficient method of doing this.

full-stack ecommerce solution will integrate with your analytics program, offering you comprehensive reporting that will give you a fully-rounded picture of your customers. You’ll be able to fine-tune your product to better suit their needs when you know where they’re coming from. Additionally, you’ll be better able to spend your valuable marketing dollars where they’ll be most effective.

Tip #3: Encourage Internal Communication

If your sales team isn’t communicating with your marketing team and your development team, you’re missing out on valuable feedback that could improve your product, thus improving your sales. The sales team has the most direct interaction with a very valuable pool of people: prospective customers.

They hear what the customers are looking for, how they use the product, and whether the product is functioning in the way that they want it to. It just makes sense to bring them into the process to offer up their extensive knowledge of the very people for whom you’re building the product. Silos have no place in the 21st-century organization— open communication is key to success.

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