[Infographic] The 13-Step Checklist for Creating a Winning B2B SaaS Proposal

Anna Mroczkowski
Anna Mroczkowski
June 17th, 2021
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The most persuasive B2B SaaS proposals focus on the customer, their problems, and how you will address them. 

B2B SaaS companies have had to handle the changes in buyers’ habits. Customers are purchasing products easier than ever before. Do not follow behind by not adapting to the rapidly changing commerce environment. 

That’s why we created this easy-to-follow checklist that visually outlines the key steps your B2B SaaS sales team should follow when creating a winning proposal. Close deals fast by setting up your sales team for success. 

Take a look at the infographic below to follow the key steps you and your sales team should follow to create a seamless B2B SaaS proposal: 

  1. Organize Key Details
  2. Speed Up Your Workflow
  3. Design with Intent
  4. Focus on the Buyer
  5. Highlight Your Solution 
  6. Make It Engaging and Interactive 
  7. Make It Actionable 
  8. Clarify Your Message
  9. Watch Your Tone
  10. Get Approvals
  11. Proofread and Polish 
  12. Monitor Engagement 
  13. Plan Your Follow-Up Strategy
Anna Mroczkowski

Anna Mroczkowski

Anna is the Community Engagement Specialist at FastSpring. When Anna isn’t busy writing blog content and scrolling through social media for FastSpring, you can find her streaming TV shows, eating oysters, and dancing around her apartment in a matching sweatsuit listening to Savage Garden.

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