[Latest Release] FastSpring Integrates Quick License Manager

April 27th, 2011
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Quick License Manager, a product of Soraco Technologies, provides a hands-off solution to licensing and protecting your software application. With this integration, FastSpring expands its support of multiple licensing options for software vendors. Quick License Manager is a software protection tool that allows you to protect your software application with secure license keys.

How does the integration work?

When a customer places an order via FastSpring, the order information filled by the customer during the ordering process is automatically and securely sent to Quick License Manager. Quick License Manager generates a license key and sends it back to FastSpring. The order information along with customer data and license information are automatically stored in the Quick License Manager database. FastSpring then sends a confirmation email to the customer with the license key generated by Quick License manager.

As a vendor, this integration provides an optimal, unified approach to selling your software online. All the relevant information collected during the ordering process is readily available in Quick License Manager. Management of the customer information and license keys can be easily performed using the Quick License Manager Console. For more details about Quick License Manager, visit Soraco’s website.

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