News: Potential Apple App Store Policy Changes Due to EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA)

November 17th, 2023
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App developers and game developers may be interested in the latest news about Apple gearing up to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

With the European Union’s Digital Markets Act continuing to ramp up, Apple may be making changes to its App Store policies to comply with the new act. 

TechCrunch recently reported that Apple’s 2023 Form 10-K filing uses revised text regarding its risk factors, which may hint at “a more definitive stance on potential modifications to the App Store policies.” 

Apple states that this could affect how it manages distribution of apps outside its App Store, how it charges for access to its platforms by developers, and how developers can communicate with buyers “regarding alternative purchasing mechanisms.”

The Digital Markets Act is “the EU’s law to make the markets in the digital sector fairer and more contestable.” 

Specifically, it takes aim at large online platforms the Commission qualifies as “gatekeepers,” with goals including a fairer business environment for business users, more and better services for consumers to choose from, and more. 

In September, the EU Commission designated six specific gatekeepers, including Apple. The six companies, which also include Alphabet, Amazon, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft, were given six months to ensure full compliance with the DMA for those companies’ applicable core services.

Apple’s filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC), including recent and past Form 10-K filings, can be found within the Investor Relations sections on their website.

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