Release Notes | April 2023: Improved Subscription Reporting

Braden Steel
Braden Steel • Senior Product Marketing Manager
April 12th, 2023
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Subscription Dashboard Reporting Calculation Improvements

Screenshot of FastSpring platform showing report of monthly recurring revenue and other data points.

MRR and ARR Calculation

Previously, upgrades, downgrades, and add-ons were occasionally not tracked or handled correctly in subscription reporting. These issues have been addressed, and now calculations will be more correct going forward.

What Changes Should I See in My Store?

If you are a heavy user of upgrades, downgrades, or add-ons, you may see your MRR and ARR fluctuate slightly resulting from the updated calculations. These calculations are more accurate than previous reporting with the identified fixes. If you still have questions, please reach out to

Historic MRR Changes

Previously, we used the date of deactivation to check for the date of cancellation and would then remove MRR contributions, which had the unintended side effect of altering historic MRR values. To solve this, we have improved our analytics to capture cancellation events on the day of cancellation and remove MRR contribution at that time.

Example of Changes

Let’s take an example of an annual subscription activated in January 2023, canceled in May 2023, and then deactivated in December 2023. Our previous MRR contribution calculation would not have changed until December 2023, potentially altering the MRR contribution for the period of May to December of 2023.

Now, with the dates in the above example, our calculation immediately removes the MRR contribution from the subscription starting at cancellation in May of 2023, resulting in a more accurate MRR change calculation.

What Changes Should I See in My Store?

For some sellers, this may cause a slight increase in cancellation counts and a decrease in MRR for active customers and subscriptions. If you have questions about this reporting, please reach out to

Braden Steel

Braden Steel

Braden is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for FastSpring. When he's not bringing new products to market, he spends his time writing fantasy novels.

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