The Trouble With Too Many WordPress Plugins

Elena Morin
Elena Morin
May 16th, 2019
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Many companies rely on WordPress to manage their websites because it’s easy to use, flexible, and secure. One of its most attractive features is the plugin architecture, which allows users to customize the features and functionality of their site by installing third-party plugins, usually with just a few clicks. WordPress plugins are a simple way to implement anything from search engine optimization to an interactive form. Though useful, it’s worthwhile to establish a clear plugin strategy for your site because, as we’ll explain below, when it comes to plugins, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Flexibility is fleeting.

As your needs expand, you might be tempted to add a plugin for each new functionality. However, as the saying goes: more plugins, more problems. The flexibility you’ll enjoy at the beginning of the configuration may diminish as your plugins become outdated. Keeping track of whether each plugin is being properly maintained and updated is costly in terms of time and resources. Your fully customizable website may suddenly require more resource coordination to make basic adjustments.

Exposure to security vulnerabilities.

As your plugins become outdated, the security of your website may become compromised. According to Imperva, in 2018, 98% of WordPress vulnerabilities were related to plugins – and of those, the majority of issues were with third-party plugins. The more plugins you have installed on your site, the more careful you need to be about staying on top of updates and security patches, and getting rid of plugins that are no longer maintained – and replacing them with new ones.

Potential performance issues on your site.

One of the most important challenges you’ll face when selling software online is making sure your site loads quickly across devices. A slow website means all but the most dedicated customers are likely to get impatient and leave before the page is even finished loading. If your plugins are consuming processing power or increasing database queries and HTTP requests, this can lead to significant slowdowns. It’s all a matter of balancing the impact on your site’s performance with the value that a given plugin is delivering. In many instances, less is more.

Increased complexity – at what cost?

Each plugin on your site introduces a variable that you’ll need to monitor and potentially optimize. This can make your user experience clunky, slow down your site speed, expose you to security vulnerabilities, and reduce your conversion rate.

A full-service solution.

If you don’t want to manage a lot of plugins, why not keep things simple with FastSpring’s WordPress plugin. Any transaction that happens on your WordPress site will be reflected in your FastSpring store in real time, without delays. It’s an easy way to provide an excellent checkout experience that matches your WordPress theme.

Benefits include:

  • A personalized checkout experience to drive global sales. FastSpring’s plugin allows you to localize for the biggest markets, with support for 14 languages and 19 currencies.
  • Security, stability, and support. You can rest assured knowing that FastSpring’s regular maintenance will contribute to the overall security of your site. Use of the FastSpring plugin is free with your FastSpring subscription, entitling you to FastSpring’s support services to assist you with any issues, which in turn will help you manage your resources more efficiently.
  • Modern, efficient, and automated. The FastSpring platform will manage your back office operations: tax collection, chargebacks, fulfillment – even customer support. And when regulations change, FastSpring will make sure you’re compliant.


Elena Morin

Elena Morin

Elena Morin is a digital marketing strategist and fine tuner of sentences. A former professional translator, Elena realized the best way to stave off the robots was to help sell them. When she’s not helping tech brands craft compelling content and experiences, you can catch her trying to meet her daily step goal or working on her book of personal essays.

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