Upselling SaaS Tricks: Scaling Your Sales with Quotes

Anna Mroczkowski
Anna Mroczkowski
November 3rd, 2020
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Sales teams have known for a long time that upselling SaaS is one of the best ways to increase your MRR. From potential new customers to existing customers, upselling is a great way to show why growing with a product can solve long-term problems. 

Displaying your pricing is the easiest way to make upselling SaaS go smoothly. You never want your pricing strategies to stall your sales process or prevent potential expansion opportunities. That is why allowing your pricing to upsell on its own is crucial to your success. 

Using FastSpring Interactive Quotes, you can do just that: let your Quotes do the upselling for you and your sales team. 

Here are five ways to upsell SaaS using Quotes:

Upselling SaaS with Analytics

Discover what’s going on behind the scenes of the deal using Interactive Live Quotes. Quotes are not only live and engaging for your prospect but also for your sales team. Quotes give your team insight into the back end of the deal, allowing your reps to learn how your prospect is interacting with the pricing and tell if they are choosing different options for the pricing you’re offering. For example, if they continue to click the same add-on to see the pricing with and without, send over a message and talk about how the add-on would benefit your prospect. By having a view into the deal’s back end, you can understand more of your prospect’s needs and land on a deal that best serves them.

Upselling SaaS with Interaction

Static pages create more questions, more questions lengthen the sales process… the longer the sales process, the fewer chances of upselling SaaS. Adding interactive elements to your sales process will energize your prospect to close deals faster. Prospects have the opportunity to compare and contrast their options with interactive elements while also getting a sense of control in their buying experience. By using Interactive Live Quotes, you’re providing a transparent, engaging and control environment they want. This is how you build momentum and gives your sales reps the opportunity to upsell your SaaS.

Upselling SaaS with Chatbots

Lights, camera, action: Quotes are LIVE! Adding Chatbots to your Quotes bring interaction to the next level and allow your prospects to engage with sales reps in real-time. There is no need to have endless email chains or back and forth Zoom calls that only extend the sales process. You have the option to set up chatbots to communicate with your prospects directly through the Quote. Chatbots allow you to build relationships with your prospects by interacting with you and asking questions when they come up during the pricing process. You can use these opportunities to identify upsell opportunities and build rapport with your prospect. 

Upselling SaaS with Testimonials

With the testimonial widget added to your Quote, you’re tapping into sales psychology by adding social proof to your prospect’s buying experience. Everyone loves to read authentic reviews from your customers, it adds credibility during the deal. It shows your prospect how they can also become a success story. Pro-tip: To choose a testimonial that will help you upsell your SaaS, have a customer talk about the benefits of add-ons and upgraded packages that your prospect can choose. 

Upselling SaaS with Growth Opportunities

As you are closing the deal, it is essential to show a future path and strong relationship with your prospect. Identifying this path with prospects is another way to upgrade the deal.  Quotes can demonstrate to your prospect how the immediate future will look by using your software, and can also show what is available beyond the contract (IE, how your pricing can change long-term or what better deals may be available now). Having your pricing show a path to growth sets a clear expectation for the future and can identify upselling opportunities for you. Additionally, as the prospect experiences their own growth, they will need to see how your software fits into their growth and if that will impact what they pay over time. This will create a picture within your prospect’s mind that they can see how you and they will be working together for the long haul.

Quotes make upselling SaaS very easy. There are many tools to use when displaying your pricing; that is only possible when you no longer use static software. Having an interactive tool to display your pricing allows your sales teams to easily upsell prospects into receiving the best package for their needs. 

Learn more about how you can upsell your SaaS by using Interactive Quote, click here to book a demo with our pricing experts.

Anna Mroczkowski

Anna Mroczkowski

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