[Webinar] More Money, More Control: Selling Your App Outside The App Store — Part 1

February 1st, 2017
Estimated read time: 2 minutes, 56 seconds

We’re excited to announce Part 1 of our two-part webinar More Money, More Control: Selling Your App Outside The App Store. Did you miss Part 1? Don’t worry, we’ve combined both into a single viewing experience! The series is hosted by author and indie Mac software developer, Christian Tietze and tech marketing exec and technical evangelist, Nick Cavalancia on the topic of selling your app outside the Mac App Store.

Part 1 —Hosted by Christian Tietze

Is the Mac App Store the only game in town?

You’ve created an app, and you can’t wait to share it with the world. So, you immediately set it up for sale in Apple’s App Store. It’s centrally located and well-organized so that your app will be easy to find. But the most appealing feature of all is that Apple does all the heavy lifting! Everyone knows the App Store is the best place to sell apps, right? Is there another option? Of course there is! 

Sure, the Mac App Store is one way to sell your app, but it’s certainly not the only way. And for all of it’s advantages, there are just as many disadvantages to using Apple’s services. For one thing, Apple will limit your control over your application. That’s right—you won’t be in charge of your own creation.

Also, the sheer number of apps that are released in the Mac App Store might make you feel that your app is lost in the shuffle. There are limitations on how you’re permitted to promote and sell your app within the Mac App Store, too. Add all of this to the fact that Apple takes a pretty significant chunk of your profits to sell your app in their store, and you might start to have second thoughts about placing it there.

Selling beyond the App Store

So, now you’re probably asking yourself one question: how can you sell your app without the structure of the Mac App Store? 

Christian Tietze, indie Mac software developer and author of Make Money Outside the Mac App Store, will be hosting part one of our two-part webcast; Christian’s expertise will help you understand that you have options beyond Mac and the App Store when you’re ready to release your app to the public.

You’ll maintain control over your app, promote it in the manner you see fit, and increase your share of the profit— and it won’t be as hard as you might think it will be. Christian will focus on the following points in his 45-minute presentation:

  • Ditch the App Store— Why should you sell your app outside of the Mac App Store? How will it benefit you and your product? We’ve touched on some of the advantages of marketing and selling your app for yourself in this post, but Christian will get into more detail during the webinar.
  • Is there Life After the App Store?— What traits should you look for in an alternative ecommerce platform? What should your expectations be for such a platform? Can you really compete with the Mac App Store?
  • Getting Back to Development— After you make the choice to sell your app outside of the Mac App Store, what changes will you need to make in order to ensure that your move is a successful one?

All of this information and more is available to you in the complete two-part More Money, More Control: Selling Your App Outside The App Store webcast. Attendees will also receive a 20% discount off Christian’s book,  Make Money Outside the Mac App Store.

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