Why You Need Dedicated Customer Support with Your Digital Commerce

May 31st, 2017
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Software businesses are far more demanding than before, having experienced poor digital services from other ecommerce providers, and the need to offer an efficient platform that works for their business and creates a smooth user experience. In these competitive times, software businesses expect – and demand – upfront value and quality from their digital commerce provider.

SaaS companies looking to make their mark in the software industry need to pay attention. If you’re looking to partner with an ecommerce provider, it’s important to ensure you’ll have access to digital backend support that provides your business with more than just FAQ pages.

System crashes or faults on the commerce provider’s platform does not only frustrate businesses but lead to loss of revenue, slow growth, and reputational harm. That is because your ecommerce provider will interface with your own customers when it comes to their user experience and transacting. You can’t afford an accident-prone service provider, nor one that doesn’t put your business first. Here’s how a solid backend support team can help your SaaS company stand out.

Expert Product Knowledge For Cohesive Support

While they may appear simple to front-end users, ecommerce platforms rely on various interrelating technologies. Each of these requires a specific set of skills to deploy and optimize. Additionally, every ecommerce company has unique structures and technological requirements. Some may need full-stack solutions, while others may need more integration capabilities.

Are you looking to integrate your in-house CRM or ERP system with your business? Do you understand the complexities of building a hybrid system? Do the candidate vendors have the expertise to support it? Without a dedicated and experienced software system behind your ecommerce solution, the onus will fall on your internal resources to keep things running.

This places strain on staff that could otherwise be focused on developing your product. Also, in the absence of a knowledgeable software support team, SaaS companies often turn to outsourced product specialists that typically come at a high expense. With the right service provider, however, expert business support comes as part of the package.

People When You Need Them

Automation is a useful innovation. Yet, when your website is experiencing time-out errors or slow app downloads, you need answers fast. An automated response system from your service provider will be of little use in either of these scenarios. This is often a symptom of an overwhelmed helpdesk or a lack of expertise in your problem area. Commerce platforms with strong in-house support are well-positioned to address operational concerns based on payment processing or invoice requests, for example. A phone call to a prospective ecommerce vendor’s helpdesk will give you a quick indication of their response rates and how willing they are to rectify any software functionality issues. Put them to the test!

Collaborative Relationships Are Key To Success

Many providers are happy to saddle their customers with bloated “plug and play” solutions. Some might even add unnecessary features to your system and leave you to foot the bill. However, the complexity of modern ecommerce technologies makes SaaS companies increasingly reliant on finding a strong digital commerce provider.

A collaborative partnership ensures you have the right technology and people behind you. Luckily, it’s not hard to spot a provider who’s too eager to sell you a convoluted solution. Look for prospective partners with the expertise to identify the solution that best suits your company’s requirements. If you can, check out some case studies based on other business’s experiences with a particular platform.

Comprehensive Backend Support

Every business thrives or fails on the strength of its backend processes. Product activation, payment processing, cross-border transactions, and taxation are only a few of the functions underlying a SaaS business. Having a competent team of experts behind you alleviates much of these administrative and operational headaches, leaving you to focus on your product. If you’re checking out a few candidates, vet them on system support and assess their level of competence on the services you need and difficulties you have experienced in the past.

A Continuous Value Contributor

Leading ecommerce solution providers go beyond delivering a service. As field experts, they know which levers to pull to ensure more conversions on your website. Is your current provider helping you do that? True ecommerce partners base their success on that of their customers. This means continually finding ways to enhance the ecommerce experience for you and your customers.

The ideal digital commerce provider should go the extra mile to ensure the best possible integration of their software. This type of commitment means your SaaS business is strengthened by a platform that supports and grows your business.

Introducing The FastSpring Experience

FastSpring’s solutions include a backend support team that’s invested in helping our clients get the most out of their ecommerce platform. While our solutions scale to some of the most complex demands, we always stay focused on providing world-class support to our clients, no matter their size. Around-the-clock availability to our team of ecommerce specialists means you can focus on building great software products, while we make sure your digital business runs optimally.

This is why so many leading brands are turning to FastSpring to take their ecommerce experience to the next level. Sign up today for industry leading technology, underlined by world class ecommerce support, from FastSpring.

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